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The large lump sounds like a cystic type acne pimple. It is trapped oil, under the skin which cant get to the surface and wont come to a head. Whatever you do, dont squeeze it! It will spread bacteria under the skin and cause more of them.

These pimples are really stubborn and can take months to clear up. A trip to the dermatologist to have it injected with cortisone will get rid of it in a few days ; otherwise, you need to use something like Retin-A to really loosen the top layers of skin and allow it to come to the surface.

When I used to get them, I would hold a hot compress on them for 10 minutes at a time- several times a day. Then, add a product with Salacylic Acid to penetrate the skin. STill takes a few days for it to go down, but eventually it works. A trip to the dermatologist is much quicker!

This is probably caused by the new products you are may be using too much product- or it may just be a reaction to using new products- either way, keep using them (using slightly less and with less pressure on the exfoliation) and persevere. But if you can get to a skin doctor, please do so.
Sometimes, an antibiotic is helpful to get it to go down as well

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