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Im sorry no one responded to your post. I just saw it.
I was on Accutane 20 years ago, with severe cystic acne. I developed a neurological disease 10 years later, which they swear was brought on by accuntane. I cant tell you for sure. I can tell you that I was on Accutane for 9 months and then went into liver failure. I had to stop it, and as soon as I did, my skin got ten times worse.
My skin during the time I was on it, did have all the side effects. The dryness- the intolerable cracking and itching. My eyes were almost always swollen. The liver failure did resolve and I have no residual problems from it; however, it took 3 months of being in and out of the hospital with infusions- and it really was painful.
My skin continued to get worse.
I eventually landed in a medical spa, where I invested in laser treatments called IPL laser. Done, under the watchful eye of a physician who is a board certified Dermatologist, my skin began clearing. I have very clear skin today, with only the occasional hormonal breakout.

I wouldnt allow my 14 year old to go on Accutane, and unfortunately she has inheritied my skin. I have her on a program which addresses the the concern with only topical drugs.

I hope this helps.
As for the drug and the legalities- all drugs hit the year when they are no longer protected by the patent. Thats year 21. Accutanes patent ran out last year and there are several companies manufacturing the drug under different brand names. These are generics. Like Tylenol (Acetominiphin) youll find hundreds of copy cat names and only one original. You can choose to use any of them, they are all the same drug- and they all have the same side effects.


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