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Got a lot to talk about. Number 1: Ok, here is the deal. I keep getting these darn re-occurring pimples on the same spot. It comes out, takes a darn week to heal, 4 days later, the same one rises up again. Gets me very angry. Yall get this problem? Number 2: I know how most of you feel, trust me. I don't get severe acne, but I do get about 3 per cheek - three very big red ones. Knowing im on Retin-A and Doxy, and still get acne frustrates me. I get very angry and pick on these darn things. I must mention that I have had suicidal thoughts in the past - but do have some good advice for yall. Have you noticed that when you are away from your home, for example on a road trip or a vacation for 2+ days - that your acne goes away? I've noticed it. I was in Cancun last year for 8 days = clear skin. I was in Arizona couple months ago = not a single zit. I was out camping for a weekend = zero zits. The point is, if you take you mind off it - the pimple will go away. But I know how it is. We cant take our minds off it. We get depressed. We look close up in the mirror, try to predict which tiny red dots will become giants tomorrow morning. I know this horrible feeling of waking up and finding Mr.Red-Bump. All I can say is keep your heads up, cause the more we think about them, they think about us. I am not saying ignore medications, because they are key to clearing, but don't pick at them and think about them like I used to. Another note for GUYS: after you shave, use Neutrogena Skin Clearing after shave. It comes in a small white bottle, about 7 bucks (California). Dont bother with Old Spice or any other lotion. They make it worse. This Neutrogena after shave is made for acne and helps a lot!

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