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24 year old female. Have spots since I was 13 which rapidly turned into acne by the time I was 15. From the age of 15 I've tried creams, lotions, benzoyl peroxide, contraceptive pills etc. By the time I was 18 I had huge cysts scattered all over my face, including deep ones on my cheeks which used to leave craters in my skin if I picked them at all.
At 19 I was referred to a dermatologist who put me on tetracycline for 10 weeks - my skin was amazingly clear for about three weeks then the acne reappeared with a vengeance. I burst into tears the next time I went back and told her I wasn't even going to school it was that bad, she then put me on a 5 month course of accutane.
The accutane affected my eyes towards the end of the course (3/4 weeks to go) so I came off it early. Was diagnosed with corneal dystrophy because of the drug. As soon as I came off accutane my eyes improved, and are now back to normal.
Over the past year however, my acne has returned (mild/ moderate) but cystic again, so I went back to my dr and got referred back to my derm again thinking it would be easy ( last time I saw her she said "if the acne comes back, just come back and I'll put you back on accutane".
I went 10 weeks ago and she refused to put me on accutane and said she wanted to research the eye condition more, so I went away with a 10wk prescription of doxycycline. Again, skin clear for a few weeks then bam, acnes back.
I went back today for my 10wk check up (with a letter from my optician explaining there was no permanent damage to my eyes from the last course of accutane)..but again she refused to put me on accutane and sent me home with different antibiotics and said "let me research the eye condition more and ill see you in ten weeks".. I felt like saying you've had 10 weeks to research it already?!!! So this will be 20 weeks on antibiotics, which don't work permanently, I could have been on and off accutane in the time it's taken her to fanny around with antibiotics that don't work!!!

Any advice guys?! She made me feel so small and stupid today - I said to her I'd really like to go back on accutane and she sniggered at the HCA in the room and laughed! I don't think she quite realises how much it messes up someone's self esteem when they have acne, let alone when your consultant laughs in your face!!

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