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Re: Acne Ruined Me
Dec 27, 2014
Hi there. Im so sorry you are feeling so badly. No one should have acne ruin their self confidence. Unfortunately, acne is part of a hormonal process which can last into the 20s or beyond. I had it myself- and like you, had tried just about everything!

Accutane- it has been known to help many people. Birth control is actually much safer- as it is made of hormones which the body already secretes, a hormone imbalance can actually trigger acne and taking b/c pills really can help. It helped me for many years. Being that I was on them for over 20 years, I had to take a break. Unfortunately, that caused my acne to come back.

You said you have seen dermatologists and have been on antibiotics~ maybe its time to look into a new dermatolgoist who might have new suggestions for you? Its a thought. A new set of eyes might also result in new drugs which your old doctor might not be aware of.

I wound up going the laser route. I dont know if this is possible for you~ but in my state, we have board certified dermatologists who run laser treatments. Some states allow a tech to run lasers- not so sure Id do that, but a board certified doctor who is licensed in the use of lasers is what I looked for. I used a laser called the IPL laser. What this does is actually shrink the sebaceous (oil) glands under the took 5 treatments, each one 3 weeks apart- and the recovery time was minimal, for about a day or two Id look like I had a sunburn, then my skin actually got very dry for a few more days- mositurizer and makeup did the trick! This actually worked for me. For the next 4 years I had only small occasional breakouts, usually around "that time of month" but nothing like the cystic acne I had had for 20 years! After 4 years, I went back and had 2 more treatments- and Ive been breakout free for the past 2 years again.

The products you use can actually make your skin worse. If you are using over the counter products with benzoil peroxide or salacyclic acid, make sure you arent over using them, or that you arent mixing them. If you want to mix them, use one at night the other during the day. Never layer one on top of the other, they counter act each other. Make sure you arent eating alot of carbs- those can trigger breakouts. Keep hydrated with good old water! It helps flush out the skin- and stay out of the sun, which dries the surface, making the skin under neathe go into overdrive trying to replenish the mositure the sun takes out of it. Use oil free sunscreen!
You might also make sure that you are keeping your cell phone and other things clean which touch your face, including your hands. wipe them down with alcohol every day.

I wont tell you this is easy. I remember how hard it was- and how miserable I was- but there are things you can do to help. And, their are topical medications now which werent available ten years ago. Youll need a dermatologist to prescribe them.

please know that what you are going thru is actually normal and you are not the only one going through it. You are not alone in this battle. Im glad you reached out here- keep reading everyone's posts- there is someone here who will have a suggestion which might help. In the meantime, hold your head up and know that this is not something you did- its the way things are right now, but there are meds out there, both topical and oral, along with some high tech lasers, which can help.


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