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Hi so I've been dealing with acne for about ten years now. I am currently 24 years old, female. I will start by saying I favor holistic approaches to dealing with acne issues, however, I have been trying to self manage for years with only moderate results. 3 months ago I finally bucked up and went to a dermatologist. I was prescribed epiduo and minocycline, but I only took the epiduo because I am not a big fan of antibiotics for acne treatment. The epiduo helped a lot at first, but I was still never 100% clear. Then my skin started to build a tolerance. I got a prescription for birth control tri sprintec which also has helped to a degree, but not to a satisfying level. In the past week I broke down and started taking the minocycline as well so now I am using birth control, antibiotic, and alternating between prescribed topicals and home remedies. I am so frustrated that I still have active acne (anywhere from 3-6 new spots a day). I am at my wits end, I am crying continually and my self esteem is approaching none existence. Oh also I have very VERY sensitive skin that dries out easily, but also produces an unreasonable amount of oil (over active sebaceous glands are the primary cause of my acne). I have one month to decide to start Accutane or not and I am so conflicted. I cant continue dealing with acne, but the risk posed by Accutane is making me extremely hesitant. I would like people's opinions especially those who have used Accutane. Thanks!

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