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... I am on day 36 myself, so we pretty close on the treatment timeline! I too am amazed at how well it it is working, and how fast! ... (10 replies)
... i'm an oriental 22 year old male and weigh 70kg. my acne causes hyperpigmentation and before i was on accutane my acne was moderate. ... (71 replies)
... I have mild to moderate acne, oily skin...some cysts on cheeks, mostly blackheads on forehead, chin and nose. I was never given accutane before as it wasn't for my type of acne, according to my dermatologist. ... (0 replies)

... I'm also on 40mg per day (I weigh 120lbs, I know nothing about kg). I take my pill with breakfast. I didn't know there was a good time to take them. :) I just figured I'd take it first thing in the morning so I wouldn't forget (although with a clear face hanging in the balance, I probably wouldn't forget). Like Disel said, everyone responds differently to accutane. The... (2 replies)
... As for my first course of accutane I took a total of 40 mg per day, 20 mg in the AM and 20 in the PM. I was pretty much completely clear for the last 3 months of treatment and eventually my skin was flawless. It was amazing. ... (11 replies)
... in the a.m. and 40 in the p.m. ... (2 replies)
... ccutane. You might get the initial break out or not. For the first month that is the right dosage to start. Could be, but most derms for the first month start on 40 or less. ... (2 replies)
... thanx for the replys every1, was beggining to worry that i was havin a wierd reaction to the accutane, 7th day now breakout is pretty bad far more whiteheads than i usually have and very itchy like u said. ... (5 replies)
... hey im one 40 mg per day.. i have the 40 mg pillls.. i was wondering whats the best time to take em? ... (2 replies)
... If you feel that you have exhausted all of the other avenues, that I think accutane is probably a good idea. ... (4 replies)
... and, unfortunately, had the initial breakout in Week 5 after thinking I'd escaped it. The doc gave me cortisone injections for the cystic lesions and 100 mg daily of Adoxa to combat further eruptions. ... (2 replies)
Accutane Dosage
May 22, 2005
... I am on my 4th day of accutane, doc said i will b doing 40 mg per day for first month then he will up it to 80mg per day from then on, another 2 months i think. I weigh approx 160 lbs, male, aged 22. ... (6 replies)
... I'm in my 5th week of the tane on 40 mg per day, i start 80 mg per day 2mo and was wondering what peoples experiences are when they got their dosages upped? ... (11 replies)
Accutane results
Jul 17, 2001
... I've been on Accutane for the past three weeks and I'm doing fine. I'm still breaking out with new cysts, but my dermatologist warned me my acne would get worse before it got better. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks for all the advice. We are a week into the accutane therapy and have more downs than up, but realistically expected it. ... (8 replies)
Accutane questions
Aug 15, 2001
... my acne is visibly clearing up, although I'm still breaking out a bit. I'm on 40 mg per day, so I guess that's a sign I need my dosage upped. I would highly recommend it! ... (3 replies)
... Hi people :wave: ... I've been taking 40 mg per day of Accutane for two weeks and I'm loving it-except the chapped lips- I could totally do without those! Anyway, it's going good and I'm happy and all (only two teeny-tiny zits in the past two weeks and they went away super fast), but I've recently been noticing that my face has a slight pinkish cast to it. It's not... (7 replies)
... You may be lucky enough not to suffer through an initial breakout. I didn't have one which I was pretty happy about. I was also on 40 mg per day. ... (9 replies)
Starting Accutane
Mar 13, 2003
... I am started at 40 mg per day, is that enough? ... (3 replies)
... Hmmm. Hard to say. You can ask a dermatologist, that would be your best bet. I wold guess, though, that is is mild. Mine is moderate/severe, and MUCH worse. I usually get around ten to fifteen cysts on both cheeks, and sometimes the jawline (along with a whole bunch of smaller, surface acne). I'm not an expert though, just my opinion . . . Oh yes, I forgot to say that... (4 replies)

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