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... Okay, first of all, VISINE is a eye drop, used on the eye for redness and irritation. Second of all, u are right u are no supposed to use any topicals on accutane, however, I am doing an EXECELLENT COMBO, that I highly recommend to all accutane users: I am on 80 mg a day, I am using retin A micro at night, along with Alpha Hydrox Acid 10% along with it too. In the... (9 replies)
... break out a little bit, some months worse than others.. but that has always been my problem, those persistent bumps around "that time of the month". I began on 80 mgs and stayed there for a couple of months until some levels in my liver were above normal, so she dropped me down to 40 mg for a couple of months.. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 23, 2004
... hey disel, my derm put on 60 mg too but said to take all 3 20 mg pills at the same time once a day...i asked him if i should spread it out but he said no. ... (672 replies)

Oct 11, 2003
... Hey guys, Im only 15 and I weigh 180 LBS and my doctor put me on 80 mg's on accutane is this normal because alot of people on this board seem to only be on 40 or 60 mg's Thanks for your time. (4 replies)
... I took Accutane for 5 months at 80 mg per day (took a 40 mg pill twice a day). I was fortumate that my insurance covered it so each month I paid a $10 co-pay for my office visit/labs and another $10 for my monthly supply of pills. I finished my course about 6 months ago and I am still clear although some of my oiliness has returned (which I expected). I still get some... (7 replies)
... 18 female mild to sometimes moderate on my 4th treatment of accutane (doses have ranged from 80 mg a day to 40mg, to 40mg every other day, and now my doctor is going to have me take a 40 mg pill every three days) relapses ranged from mild to moderate (2 replies)
... and a lupus diagnosis. Have ALWAYS thought this to be because of the lupus. Tried the spiro again for the last 9 months.....first 100mg per day and then 150 mg per day....nothing. Then I simply took 50mg per day along with starting yasmin in January. ... (17 replies)
... Okay after settling a few things I finally got my Accutane and tonight I will pop the first pill. ... (11 replies)
? for spanishfly..
Nov 16, 2001
... Hey Groove- I am in my 4th month now at 80 mg/day (the last 2 weeks at 100 mg/ day) and I weigh 115. I initially lost a bunch of hair the first month- it isn't noticable to anyone, I just had lots more hair falling out in the shower. Now I still lose about 10 hairs in the shower, but my hair looks alright. I think sometimes the body just reacts oddly to high levels of any... (3 replies)
... Isotretinoin which I believe used to be called Accutane for his acne. ... (3 replies)
... I am on it 60 mgs 38 days in. Please tell about your experiences with teh drug, I.e. how long it took to work, how bad your case was, your mg dosage, Also I am 19 and weigh 220 pounds if you think I am on correct dosage or should go to 80 mgs. Anyways thanx. ... (13 replies)
... ake you dry anyways. Its just their way of getting your body used to it and to get a start on pushing everything out little by little instead of hopping you onto 80 and having the biggest most painful breakout of your life all at once. ... (3 replies)
... um cassie if ur boyfriend is on 160 mg a day that is crazy and have never heard of that before. ... (9 replies)
Accutane dosage?
Mar 3, 2005
... I think you need to follow whatever dosage your dermo gives you. If you start out at 10 mg, that is tiny. I weigh 150 pounds and started out on 40 and month 2 i started on 80. (6 replies)
... how much do you all weigh, it seems everyone is taking such a high dose, I am only on 60mg's and weigh in at about 125 pounds. I heard of someone taking like 140 mg's and someone else alternating between 40 and 80...should I asked to be bumped up? Will I get another initial breakout? (92 replies)
... I just popped my 31st pill after seeing the dermo yesterday. I've been upped from 40 mg a day to 80, so one in morning, one at night. I responded pretty well the first month. ... (92 replies)
... As far as hormone specific tests, below are hormonal tests that should be run to help with a variety of hormonal diagnosis. This is just a fraction of what my endocrinologist tested me for, but these are the ranges from my hospital's lab, unless otherwise noted: Cortisol: AM (7-9pm) serum 4.30 - 22.40 ug/ml PM (3-5pm) serum 3.09 - 16.66 ug/ml 17-Hydroxycorticosteroid... (14 replies)
Nov 7, 2004
... Can you please tell me what your dosage was and how long you were on it. I ask this of everyone who has had great success. She was on 40 mg the first month and now 80 mgs. She sees the derm tomorrow and I never know if they'll up it or not. She'll be on for 6 months. Thank you. ... (102 replies)
... in week 6 right now and I am starting to break out again. I am not getting frustrated though because almost everybody I know has had great permanent results from accutane so I am just going to stick it out. What dosage does your derm have you on, I think a lot of it depends on your dosage, I have been taking 80 mg a day. ... (3 replies)
... I have been off Accutane for about a month now as well. ... (3 replies)

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