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Accutane questions
Jun 18, 2005
... Drink lots of water to avoid rashes and dry lips. Seriously, do not stop drinking water. Drink it any chance you get. I got rashes on my hands near the end of my Accutane treatment. That is actually a bad sign and you should tell your derm. right away. ... (6 replies)
Accutane questions
Jun 17, 2005
... hey whats up guys, well i was put on 30mg of accutane a day, after 1 month i was put on 55mg, its now week 6 and im noticing how dry my lips are, and sore... i swear.. ... (6 replies)
... I was just wondering for those who took accutane and have acne starting to come back, who has tried B5? ... (3 replies)

... People more search from doctors and studies for your eyes and mind......please comment. ... (6 replies)
... Hey on accutane too. Its been less than a month though, but i am already getting rash like bumps on my arms. ... (1 replies)
Accutane and rash?
Apr 16, 2006
... I agree that it's accutane related. I had annoying rashes on both arms and that was hard to cover up since I was on accutane for the whole summer a few years back. I used all brands of moisturizers....should've asked my derm what to do. ... (4 replies)
... courses of accutane. I just took my first capsule 4 days ago at age 24. My skin is oily as. The acne is probably mild to moderate due to the excessive oiliness and really sticky sebum. ... (20 replies)
... BAD breakouts. But after that it went up hill. I was started on 2 20 mg. tablets a day, then the next months I took 2 40 mg. a day. I was on it for 6 months. And after 2 years, I get 2 maybe 3 small tiny pimples. ... (5 replies)
... I will check into the doxycycline to see what effects it will have on both the lupus and the acne. Thanks for the suggestion. I am always very afraid to try antibiotics because my immune system is on overdrive as it is. ... (17 replies)
... especially since accutane will most likely dry you out. my recomendation is cetaphil. ... (3 replies)
... ive up on the azelex just yet, like D. said. I am only using it at night for now. It even says on that website that you should start off slow, like once a day, and then increase if your skin can tolerate it. Well, i know mine could probably tolerate twice a day, but i am only doing once until my derm. ... (18 replies)
... and normal to me is nice skin, not perfect, but pretty even toned, and i had one pock mark which i liked, it gave me character, it is to the left of my left eye. it was my character flaw and i embraced that sucker. ... (17 replies)
... I've been on the maintenance dose of accutane for lupus rashes for 4 years. My body should be more than used to it by now. ... (9 replies)
... actually, my reason for taking the accutane 3 or 4 times per week is for lupus as controls some of the lupus rashes as well as the inflamation. I have tried to stop taking it a few different times and the inflamation and aches as well as the rashes all show up within 1 week. ... (4 replies)
... I am on accutane now and staying out of the sun, of course. However, before I even started accutane, I was very sensitive to the sun. ... (5 replies)
... Any moisturizer will work. I used Vaseline Intensive Care both times i was on Accutane... just use something quick, because you can develop rashes if you don't keep them moisturized. I developed rashes on the back of my hand and elbows before i used moisturized daily. ... (7 replies)
... super dry lips, dry eyes, skin rashes. Less common, but also considered "normal" are headaches, joint aches and increased hair shedding. ... (4 replies)
... just got back from my derm... I was on accutane for 4 months... been off for about 2 .. Acne was coming back pretty mild but when your face is clear this started to piss me off.... ... (0 replies)
... hello all. I am just about to start a second round of accutane. I am 20 years old and had my first round when I was 18. My skin I would say has always been moderate. Accutane really worked the first time. ... (0 replies)
Sep 7, 2003
... june. What I bascially notice is my face isn't oily. My face was very oily before accutane. I went on accutane after I became "immune" to proactiv. It was horrible, and disgusting. ... (2 replies)

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