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... Did Accutane make your face red? ... (14 replies)
... When I started accutane, I ditched all harsh BP cleansers. I just used a gentle facewash (Cetaphil) and then moisturized twice a day (also Cetaphil). Also keep chapstick with you wherever you go. My eyes were a little dry and my contacts hurt slightly so I'd also keep eyedrops with me all the time. (17 replies)
... m an initial breakout. I think that's what I was afraid of the most. I didn't need my face getting any worse than I thought it was. I just washed my face with cetaphil and used cetaphil moisturizer because I wanted to make sure I didn't irritate my skin. ... (12 replies)

... from the USA or Canada they should have it. Im not sure what other places sell it. I know britain doesnt.. well it may but I havnt seen it. And also if you start accutane you will need a moisturizer.. cetaphil's is also a good one. ... (6 replies)
... r going on. I have been using aloe vera on my face at night instead of cetaphil moisturizer and I have had better results, I had a sneaking suspscion that it the cetaphil was breaking me out using it 2x a day so I just use it before my makeup in the morning now. ... (216 replies)
... not for accutane takers! You should get the Cetaphil for your face anyway so just try some on your lips! ... (8 replies)
Taking Accutane
Dec 19, 2004
... Thanks for advice about bleaching arms, that was my question. OMG i got tons of blackheads all over my nose too! They are still there, so I hope they go away. It is weird because I have never really had black heads before. Day 27 update: 5 or 6 active lesions. A ton of blackheads over nose. Healing is not a as good, places where pimples were are red still. Skin is... (83 replies)
Taking Accutane
Dec 19, 2004
... So...I am very frustrated with my face! Even when I wake up and moisturize like crazy, three hours later the areas over my pimples are so dry and can just peel the skin right off. No matter how much I moisturize it does not seem to help. I was using Cetaphil lotion but b/c I had a bad breakout I stopped and went back to Nuetrogena...maybe it was the Cetaphil? Of... (83 replies)
... I started accutane over a year ago, finished around April. To this day my acne is undercontroll. ... (7 replies)
... and to get all of the nasty flakes off of my face and I discovered a technique that worked very well... for me at least and I wanted to share. I bought a bar of cetaphil face wash for sensitive skin... and what I did was soaked a clean rag with warm water... then lathered up the cetaphil really good in the rag... ... (0 replies)
... is that all that you are using? no face masks (non-medicated) or anything? also, what do the "guys" use to cover up some of the imperfections :) (3 replies)
Accutane ???
Sep 30, 2004
... da find cetaphil to be a little greasy feeling when you put it on, but if it's noncomedagenic and it works for keeping my face clear and moisturized while I'm on accutane then I'm going to use it anyways. ... (11 replies)
... I'm actually on accutane so that's what's keeping my skin clear. I don't use any concealer or foundation anymore so I don't need anything harsh to clean my skin. ... (8 replies)
... Aquaphor is GODsend I carry it around everywhere with me, you apply it to your lips and anywhere your dry skin, it will last all day and its clear and sooths immediately the other stuff don't help that much. GO get it.!! (32 replies)
... ive only been on it for 10 days and my face started peeling by the third my lips r cracked 2 but get aquaphor its greasy but put it on before u go to bed and keep chapstick with u. The aquaphore should make a large improvment on the :) lips (32 replies)
... away. I can't believe how quick this stuff starts working. I didn't know it made me so sun sensitive. My lips are starting to crack too. I've been using the cetaphil bar to wash and some cetaphil moisturizer daily. I only take one shower a day. I drink a ton of water too. I'm on 80mg a day. ... (32 replies)
... Are you using the Cetaphil daily facial cleanser and not washing but wiping it off? ... (30 replies)
... or reapplication are getting closer together. My skin is also dry in the mornings after the shower, its like I have peeling skin and it gets white and stuff. The Cetaphil lotion fixes that up right away though. Yesterday I also noticed that my ears were dry. Made me laugh a little, but again cetaphil cleared that up immediatly. ... (30 replies)
... years and starting Accutane 20mg per day. ... (30 replies)
... Hi fellow accutane users!! ... (0 replies)

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