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... Generally speaking, derms won't prescribe Accutane if you only have minor acne. ... (3 replies)
... Seizures, Kidney infection, stomach pain, unnecessary gall bladder surgery..... I think you're going to find out you can't blame Accutane for all of these problems. ... (46 replies)
... The side effects I got when taking accutane was.. ... (46 replies)

... will it cause harm to a fetus even after the accutane treatment? ... (46 replies)
Aug 24, 2006
... hey i was wondering if you had any luck with your scars using the camellia oil while you were on accutane? cus i know it says to use morning and night but in your case you only used it at night. just wanted to know if it was still as effected only using it once a day. thanks! (10 replies)
... dryness. Dryness is closely associated with dandruff. Dandruff can in many cases cause the signs you write about. One factor that aggrivates dandruff is COLD, DRY weather. Not only are you, Alex, experiencing the dryness from your Accutane, but also the weather right now is adding to the drying effects by it being cold! ... (40 replies)
... I was on accutane and have experienced amazing results. ... (7 replies)
Facts on Accutane?
Jun 13, 2005
... Yes. No dry eyes though, no nosebleeds, no headaches, and my liver enzymes were always perfect. ... (8 replies)
... ke in the morning, the socks are dry. I do it for about 3 days and I feel better. It is hydrotherapy. Your body releases your fever through your feet in order to dry the socks. there fore you let the fever pass... quite interesting! worth a shot, if interested. ... (216 replies)
Taking Accutane
Jan 22, 2005
... accutane has helped me so much! i am starting my third month. it is worth it! the only side effects i have encoutered are dry lips and dry nose. My face has not been really that dry at all. You will be happy once it is all done! ... (83 replies)
... Accutane was a miracle for me. I took it for five months and just got off it three weeks ago. I'm so happy that I took it. The dry lips, dry eyes, and eczema were sooooo worth it. I actually got complimented on my skin today! ... (34 replies)
... My husband took Accutane when he was 16 years old. He started losing his hair after he starting taking the medication. ... (9 replies)
... I think I can answer your question about females getting dry in certain places... ... (31 replies)
... Im 17 years old, i started Accutane about a year and a half ago. My acne was out of control all over my face, my neck, my back, my chest and my shoulders. ... (9 replies)
Accutane Journal
Nov 29, 2004
... I am new to this thread. I used Accutane about 13 years ago when I was 20. I am now 35 and had my mild acne gone severe from using Zenmed within a span of 3 months. ... (672 replies)
... I was on accutane for only 4 months on 40mg. It's been 4.5 months and my scalp is totally messed up and i am getting so depressed!!! ... (6 replies)
... I know accutane works differently on all individuals, but I was just curious to know (i'm sure others are as well), who had success with acne and who didn't. It would be nice if you could list: type of skin you had (very oily, oily, combo oily and normal, dry, dry and normal combo or extremely dry) type of acne (cysts, small bumps, mixture of small bumps and cysts, just... (15 replies)
... The only side effects I notice are dry skin, dry eyes, dry lips, and eczema. All of these are easily controlled though. I found a great lipbalm that helps a lot with the dryness. It's Neutrogent Lip Remedy. ... (20 replies)
... I agree with you. Accutane is great! It has "cured" me in just a matter of two and a half months. ... (29 replies)
... s not officially eczema, its just really dry skin. How Accutane works is that it dries up your oil glands in your body, which is causing your arms and legs to be dry. ... (4 replies)

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