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... but I have not used it while on accutane. I don't think you should. Hydroquinone makes your skin dry. It's not a good idea at all. Your skin will be drier as you continue your accutane course. Your skin will clear slowly. ... (2 replies)
... all the time too lol, along with your new thread. you can look there for my post...thank you for yours! I agree with you about if my skin was really oily before accutane it would be more '' normal'' than makes sense. ... (179 replies)
... rom when I was younger and they are now gone, also on my face I have no blackheads, just little clusters of zits on my cheeks now, it's amazing. I too am also on accutane for 6 months, I have no side effects like you! I have dry lips and thats it, no dry skin at all! ... (179 replies)

... Going good i hope. ... (179 replies)
... to the local derm at the hospital as i've tried everything he can offer. He thinks i'll then be presecribed accutane. He has expressed in the past that he thinks accutane is a little extreme for my condition but will still refer me if i want to want to go a head. ... (4 replies)
... its just the bodys toxins and excess water getting out, its a good thing in most cases. ... (28 replies)
... prevent an initial breakout. So far so good. I'm not experiencing any side effects yet. My little sweetheart, Jessica Simpson, was on tv today saying she took Accutane and hasn't had a zit since then. She said she has facials once every month and drinks plenty of water. I was also watching celebrity beauty secrets on E! ... (40 replies)
... Just thought I would start a thread to see which products people like to use most when dealing with the side-effects of Accutane. Lip balm: Blistex Lip Medex Facial moisturizer: Glaxal Base Facial cleanser: J&J Clean & Clear Eye care: Alcon Tears Naturale II Shampoo/conditioner: Still can't find a good daily one that minimizes dryness (10 replies)
... I strongly disagree with this post. Your just getting the suvere dryness of the lips that is almost guaranteed with accutane. Once you find a good lip balm you will be much better. And before you go to bed really LOAD it on and keep it right beside you at night if you wake up during the night. ... (12 replies)
... ll of my spots. the problem is, I've still got red blotches of skin, a few tiny scars and my skin just looks unhealthy and tired. I'm still on a very low dose of accutane at the moment and soon I'll be off it for good. ... (3 replies)
... math of your 1st course, then it probably will come back. I've been on Accutane 6 times. Each time, my acne seems to return in the same fasion. First, a few small pimples. ... (15 replies)
... Hey! I know there are alot of posts already, but I just wanted to share my story. I've read some different things about Accutane on here, some negative, so I wanted to talk about my experience with it. ... (0 replies)
... Because i read somewhere that it contains vitamin A and so may not be good to use while on accutane? ... (5 replies)
... Today is Day 9 on accutane, so far so good, I have a little bit of dry skin, pretty itchy legs and arms though, not so much on my face. I have dry lips also, but for the last couple days I have notcied that my upper back hurts all the time and also my ribcage area, it hurts when I am hunged down on the computer and then I sit up, I have to do it slowly. Ouch! I read a bit on... (5 replies)
... o Thats what we've got accutane for, and i hope it works well and ends all of this frustration for both of us!! Also, I dont think accutane will make your periods messed up... ... (7 replies)
... because i was worried that the sweat would cause more acne, or i would get a reaction due to the accutane. anyone on accutane that has been in the sun have a bad reaction, or if nothing happend, let me know please! im a bit worried.... ... (179 replies)
... en it was smooth sailing with the usual but minimal side effects. Small, small price to pay for virtually clear skin afterward. Skin continues to improve after accutane as it heals. ... (8 replies)
... o I hate to go anywhere like this.....anyone on accutane have this happen to them? ... (5 replies)
... Good luck to you! :) I , too am on Accutane ( Day 9 ) and have battled with acne on my face only for years now. I am in college, so i have to face ppl in class and whatnot, and its so depressing, i know what you mean! I had great skin this past year thanks to smoothbeam and spironolactone, but i went on Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO for PCOS (too!) and irregular periods and breakouts... (10 replies)
... blem area about a year and a half ago. since has cleared up on its own. i get the occasional cyst or zit. when i was getting white heads on my face due to the accutane my back flared up a bit also. but its okay right now. ... (231 replies)

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