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... OK, on day 9 of accutane, and I'm getting some cracking lips. I'm using Blistex over and over, but it doesn't seem to help. Any other good lip balms you can recommend? ... (3 replies)
... giving a week by week account of how it's affecting you. Thanks so much, this thread has really helped prepare me for Accutane again. I'm on the third day of my second round. I took it about four years ago, and it really helped for a couple years, but alas, I could not escape the acne. ... (216 replies)
... water thing and wanted to monitor it closely. He told me to buy some supplies, aquaphor lip balm, cetaphil wash and moisturizer, and not to wait until I got dry to use these, start using them hardcore the first day I start my treatment. ... (216 replies)

Accutane Journal
Nov 7, 2004
... and when I go out, I use a lip gloss. And the redness and "joker lips" is decreasing. It's been a week since that joker lip effect started and it's wearing off now, so I think whatever I'm doing, must be ok, right? ... (672 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 22, 2004
... My lips are now permenantly dry and i have to use lip stuff every 15 mins or so. The best one to use is MAC Lip conditioner in a tube or pot. If you are able to get Neal's Yard Remedies, then their lip balm is the best! ... (672 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 21, 2004
... I'm 32 years old as of last week and took accutane about 2 years ago. I did this privately in the UK and was paid for by my company health insurance. ... (672 replies)
... I still drink alcohol while on accutane but I never overdo it. I limit myself to no more than 3 drinks. ... (5 replies)
... I'm with you guys. I've been on Accutane three times, and the effects wear off after about 3-4 months each time with one exception: my body acne (chest, back, and arms) was completely cleared after my first treatment. I'm about to start my fourth treatment with no trepedation at all. I love Accutane, and being on it is a walk in the park for me. I just bring lip balm with me... (21 replies)
... yeah..thanx..but i do take vitamin C is ok right?but i am on a really low i doubt is even are the real problem for me...i think i am goin to get mederma after my acne is it ok to use mederma while on accutane...coz i dun encounter dryness since i am on a low dose (7 replies)
... been on accutane for approx 4. ... (32 replies)
... go on accutane, but i've never been to a dermatologist before. I just made my 1st appointment for the end of July and I wanted to know if anyone was able to get accutane right away, or if the derm had you try lots of other treatments first. ... (32 replies)
... return to normal after my course until my 4th month off accutane. I was told that this was a good thing, because I was on a very high dosage that meant that the accutane was still in my system 3 months later which meant that I had a good chance of not seeing my acne return. ... (8 replies)
Starting Accutane
Oct 23, 2008
... I was on Accutane for 6 months my junior year of high school. I'm a female and had dealt with bad acne since 11. ... (8 replies)
... We noticed a difference in 4 weeks. He's been on accutane for 9 weeks now. His skin is looking a lot better. No problems or side effects... ... (6 replies)
... I've taken two courses of Accutane in the past. The first time, in 1998, was for severe cystic acne. ... (46 replies)
... I was on accutane and have experienced amazing results. ... (7 replies)
... Earlman - please see separate question posted to you on new thread. (92 replies)
... Hello all. I know there is a few of these Journals on here but I find that its great to talk with people who are at the same stage as you in the Accutane process. ... (92 replies)
... Wow! I really appreciate your input on this. I consider accutane a very serious matter. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Journal
Nov 6, 2004
... Congrats on starting accutane. :) In my case, drying started within the first week to week and a half. I got really dry after that. I used cetaphil and the moisturizer and that made everything fine for me. Just be sure to stock up on lip balm, moisturizer, and eyedrops (especially if you wear contacts). Good luck. :) (672 replies)

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