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... hould be sufficient enought to keep your skin moisturized and aquaphor is the best for your lips. It comes in a big container and it does so much better than any lip balm. ... (7 replies)
... n about 6 weeks, where you are right now. First you will notice less oil, then smaller pores, sometimes with white sebum being pressed out of them. You can use a lip balm now and start moisturizer when your skin gets dry. ... (1 replies)
... Oil topically and taking Fish Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Oh and loads of moisurizer and lip balm! The dry lips are insane!! ... (21 replies)

... the excessive dryness, especially around the eyes and dry lips. But now I use Genteal Eye ointment and lip balm. ... (39 replies)
... hed within 3 minutes of drinking it. It appears that I no longer have the protection of Doxycyline and normal Rosacea symptoms have returned. I don't think the Accutane has caused any flushes, just normal triggers. I am for sure not imagining the dry lips. Only two pills and my lips are mildly dry. Its definitely noticeable. ... (250 replies)
... stock up on cetephil mosturizer and face wash...its the gentless stuff you can use. have lip balm EVERYWHERE! and i mean everywhere! my lips were the big thing when i was on accutane. ... (8 replies)
... even though the dose was the same. The first time, the backs of my hands would crack and bleed and my lips were horrendously chapped. Second time, I had to use lip balm and moisturizer daily, but I didn't have to reapply all day and I never really noticed the dry skin. I just used preventative measures to keep it at bay. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you everyone for the intelligent and useful responses. I have read in other groups that starting lip balm and body/face moisturizer right away is beneficial, if not BEFORE you start taking accutane. It's all about staying ahead of the game. We'll see! I am now very familiar with the side effects to look for. It not that I don't trust doctors, but I know my body... (46 replies)
... I'm starting to think that accutane is the way to go, so long as you drink plenty of water, use lip balm, use eyedrops and mositurizer and take vitamins supplements. ... (46 replies)
... breakout wasn't nearly bad as I expected. It lasted about a week. Also, my derm is great. He prescribed a moisturizer for me. My lips are really dry but I use a lip balm called Cortibalm that my derm actually invented. ... (10 replies)
... accutane, the only side effects I had were dry eyes, nose, lips, and skin. It wasn't anything too bad for me. As long as I moisturized twice a day and kept my lip balm with me at all times, the whole process was quite bearable. ... (18 replies)
... As far as products i can't live without I'd probably say, cetaphil moisturizer cream, Spectro Jel FaceWash, and Carmex Lip Balm. ... (179 replies)
... Lip balm: Aquaphor! Facial moisturizer: Avene Facial cleanser: Avene Eye care: vit c and b5 Shampoo/conditioner: head and shoulders and pantene conditioner but havent found anything really good forf my very dry and frizzy hair (10 replies)
... Lips: Neutagena lip balm moisturizer: Vaseline cream Body: Vaseline cream &jelly / Nivea severe dry skin My husband is happy to see my skin oil free finally, but he said my lips look like I am on drugs. :eek: Nothing has helped my chapped lips yet I am going to try the aquaphor, it's becoming embarassing, and the more I pick the more they peel. It's like the skin on my... (10 replies)
... i used carmex which seemed to do the trick. Lip Balm and Accutane just go hand in hand. ... (12 replies)
... i'm getting used to the dry lips already, though i cant live a second with the lip balm, but it's alright.. up till now, my eyes arent affected,i'm glad. ... (35 replies)
... I need to apply lip balm more often. I still have some dry skin, especially the area around my mouth. When it's really dry I apply aquaphor. I'm not as thirsty as I used to be. ... (41 replies)
... Lips are a bit more dry...not horrible , but enough to want some lip balm on. Not as much oil as at all on my face , even when i work out and sweat ... theres barely and oil afterwards! ... (179 replies)
... neosporin is a must have, along with moisturizer and lip balm! ... (231 replies)
... lips are doin good, thnks to the lip balm. ... (231 replies)

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