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... You guys are a huge help! I used Cetaphil cleanser for a while, but it made me break out in a rash. Now I use Eucerin cleanser and like it. I never tried the Cetaphil moisturizer, though... I'll have to give it a shot. I have been using bath & body works lip balm, but it doesn't work that well and I am constantly re-applying. I am going to stick it out. My acne was... (11 replies)
... Week 3. Back again. Well, it's been the first week on the full dosage of 40mg. Not too much to report. My skin is gently drying further with a tiny bit of flaking that is easily cleaned up each day with the St Ives Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub (that stuff is lush on 'Accutaned' skin). I haven't had any headaches this week at all. Lots of blackheads drying up and... (40 replies)
Accutane rating
May 30, 2002
... I took accutane when i was ni 8th grade. My derm told me that before it was gona get better, there would be a moderate outbreak, so your just on your way to clear skin!!!!!! ... (25 replies)

Accutane dryness
May 6, 2002
... For me and I think most people, it it totally controllable with a good moisturizer on the hands and a good lip balm. Keep in mind that the first couple week when you go on accutane, you will experience a lot of skin "shedding" which is actually a good think. ... (2 replies)
... d im taking 40 mg a day for 10 days today... you just have to go with the pain of sunscreen and a shiny face for a while guys with that sunscreen moisterizer and lip balm on... ... (1 replies)
... I just took my last pill in my first month's prescription of Accutane. Man, time really seems to be going slowly!!!! Anyways...for side effects right now I have: -dry lips -nosebleeds My lips have been a lot better since I bought Labello medicated lip balm (white container). It's very convienient and it works really nicely. I always hated using those... (13 replies)
... when i was on a course of 40mg a day, the lip balm was a great necessity. i tried several variations, and i found blistex herbal answer to be the most soothing and effective. ... (4 replies)
... What do you mean "take a pregnancy test every month?" I hope you're not having sex already. Anyway . . . I was never on accutane, but my brother was and I recommend using a lip balm w/ spf 15 and using it even before your lips become dry. Neutrogena makes a good line of moisturizers. (thats what I personlly use) You are... (15 replies)
... I'm about to go on Accutane for not cystic acne but for acne that does not respond to any other meds. Its bad enough that I have to take pregnancy tests every month..... ... (15 replies)
... when you take your wedding pictures you WILL SEE them. Same thing happened to me with some pictures my friends took of us...during the day, use Carmex medicated lip smells funny and it works... ... (2 replies)
... My lips are so dry... and peel off so easily... what lip balm or anything for my lips should i use to prevent this while using accutane? ... (2 replies)
... not everyone experiences an initial breakout. I know I didn't. I took 40 mg at night and just finished my 6 month Accutane treatment a week ago. It's the BEST thing I ever did for myself. Wish I had done it 10 years ago. You probably won't experience the side effects right away. ... (1 replies)
... For my dry lips, I would use the pink blistex lip balm. For the skin I would use my Cetaphil moisturizing cream. ... (3 replies)
... nth was 80 mg! Now that really freaked me out, but it really hasn't made me go crazy. My symptoms were like my first month. I had dry lips for a week and then my lip balm worked its magic. I also used cetaphil moisturizing cream everyday as lotion or even coa coa butter. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry about that. Other than the obvious (lip balm, aquaphor), have you tried taking any supplements that help lubricate your body from the inside out. They have helped me tremendously over the years. Fish oil is a great one (Omega's), and for itchy scalp, nothing works better than evening primrose oil. Both are relatively inexpensive, and really help. Of course... (1 replies)
... Day/Pill #6 40mg Claravis Definitely have dry/peeling lips today. They don't look bad, but feel sore. I normally use lip balm/gloss anyway, so I'll add some Aquaphor. No face peeling, or dryness. One of my cysts is pretty much gone, and the others are on their way out. No new pimples. Amazing! I've been off Doxy for about 2 weeks, and would normally be very broken out by... (26 replies)
... I'd start the lip balm now... better sooner than later... ... (3 replies)
... Good luck, I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. Stock up on lip balm and moisturizer. And stay out of the sun. Get a good sunscreen for yourself. Your skin will be very sun sensitive. Also, expect an initial breakout. ... (10 replies)
... Hey, I took accutan for the first time about 2 years ago. It kept me almost 100% clear for 6 months and then slowly I started getting things here and there, but it lasted pretty good for about a year. My acne is not even close to what it was before, but my derm thought that if I went on it one more time I could nip it in the bud once and for all. These products got me... (0 replies)
... ur lips will get dry as hell, make sure your always carrying lip balm - sorry if someone has already said this (18 replies)

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