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My accutane kit
Jun 26, 2006
... anyways...i was nervous too about sunblock...ever since i started accutane i have been using l'oreal ombrelle spf says extreme lotion and its for sensitive skin..and its fragrance free...paba and colorant free...non greasy and non comedogenic... ... (4 replies)
Jan 25, 2006
... Im a little nervous....I am starting Accutane on Monday. ... (10 replies)
... hi frank, hi deter. i've been on accutane for 7 months! face is clear, but i'm kinda having the opposite problem. ... (6 replies)

Taking Accutane
Mar 19, 2005
... I have been very lucky. I am on my 5th month of accutane. I have had almost no skin dyness. I am on 60 mg. a day (40 mg. on even, and 80 mg. on odd days). My lipe have not been too dry. Aquaphor and carmex worked very well for me, but carmex is not moisturizing, it just kinda keeps it waxy. as far as moisturizer for my body i used Vaseline Total Moisture. I used very... (83 replies)
... I took Accutane a couple years ago for the typical five month period and am now taking it again. I'm on my third month of it, 80 mg per day. ... (7 replies)
... I'm on Accutane too. My third month. And this is my second time being on Accutane. I took it a couple years ago too for five months. ... (8 replies)
Accutane Journal
Oct 26, 2004
... I've stopped using lotion and am using vit. E oil to moisture my face at nights. I think it's working better though my face is dryer but at least no break outs due to lotions. ... (672 replies)
Sep 29, 2004
... For all of you who suffer from terrible acne, I would recommend you take accutane. I had horrific acne for several years and was prescribed accutane after every other medication known to man failed to improve my skin. My skin did a complete 360 after taking the medicine for half a year. ... (0 replies)
Aug 11, 2004
... Hey guys. I went to the derm yesterday, and unfortunately wasn't prescribed accutane. He made clear to me that he wanted to try one more thing before giving me accutane. But like I said, I am willing to try ANYTHING, so hopefully this will work. This is what he prescribed me: Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories wash off cleansing lotion, Triaz (benzoyl peroxide) 6% pads,... (102 replies)
... i'm 23 and i had really bad looking acne all over my face ever since i was 15.In Jan.2002 i went on accutane for 6 months.It worked great for me.I only get few zits now and then but my skin is still flaky and dry.I use a lotion and it helps a little. ... (2 replies)
... I will begin soon my accutane treatment. ... (0 replies)
... Hey on accutane too. Its been less than a month though, but i am already getting rash like bumps on my arms. I put moisturizing lotion on it this morning and it became worse for the next half hour, then it seemed to calm down. ... (1 replies)
I am on Accutane
Dec 22, 2001
... lil pimples on my forhead, and maybe 4 big whiteheads scattered around. It sounds bad but most people who take Accutane have it much worse than me. I only got the prescription because I have tried almost everything else and have not really responded. ... (7 replies)
... my acne was cystic and I was starting to scar. It wasn't related so much to oil production. However, accutane works really well for people with oily skin. ... (9 replies)
... I have been taking Accutane for two months and I love the results! For the first time in 25 years my skin is not oily and I don't have cystic acne. ... (0 replies)
... hey mic, if you haven't tried one of those 3blade razors, like the venus, you should. nice and smooth, w/ no razor burn. and wait 10 minutes or so after you get outta the shower bef you put on your lotion, to reduce irritation. i use the gillette venus divine (w/the soothing aloe strip) and it's been great, pits, legs, bikini line, you name it. plus, the blades last for a... (216 replies)
... no cysts. Only side effects are dry lips and skin. Am using Shi Kai Borage Oil lotion on my body and face. ... (26 replies)
Accutane :[
Aug 12, 2009
... I know how you feel. I struggled with acne all my life and I am now 29. I used to use accutane and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have been off it for about 6 months and I am completely acne free! ... (5 replies)
... Sad to say, this is normal with Accutane! My son was a dry as a bone while on it. He learned to combat the dryness with an oil free moisturizer and lip balm. His lips would get so dry they cracked and would bleed. I think we even ended up with some sort of prescription lip remedy. It was that bad! After using the balm and lotion, he got a good handle on the dryness. It was all... (4 replies)
... I just went to my derm today to have a few topicals switched and I asked him about the possibilities of putting me on a LOW dose of Accutane so my ocassional cystic acne will stop once and for all. He did inform me that it is NO LONGER possible to be put on a low dose of this medication. ... (10 replies)

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