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... With regards to moisturizers it really depends on the person. Mine was so bad at one point i didn't even bother but if you must go in public i would recommend cetaphyl. ... (47 replies)
... nor did I start out at a lower dosage, so I was surprised to hear that so many of you are doing that. I am 34 years old, and just now taking the plunge into the accutane pool. And for those of you who think zits clear up as you get older... not necessarily!! Mine's actually gotten worse in some ways. ... (40 replies)
... face in the am and pm after i shower. I dont think this is causing me to break out but it leaves my skin INCREDIBLY sticky. Has anyone ever had this problem with moisturizers on accutane? ... (0 replies)

... tane course and decided i stil needed summin to cover the redmarks, so started using tinted moisturizer as i didnt wanna cover my face in foundation as it seemed accutane would haev been a waste of time if i did. ... (0 replies)
... Does anybody know of any moisturizers that will not cause further breakouts? ... (3 replies)
... I now use a Rx cortisone ointment which keeps it pretty much under control, except for a breakout now and then...i'm hoping these will subside after my cycle of accutane is over... ... (10 replies)
..., exercise, vitamins, egg yolks, the birth control pill, B5, benzoyl peroxide, minocycline and other antibiotics. I had been very very scared to take Accutane but finally I did it as a last resort. ... (71 replies)
... i've read a lot about accutane on this board and i want to say thanks to everyone who's ever posted about it.. chances are i've read your comments. everything is helpful. ... (7 replies)
... Well I posted earlier about my accutane experience. ... (1 replies)
... yways...Al, I asked my derm. about taking Vitamin E...just to be on the safe side and my dad said to ask,also..and she said that was completely fine to take with Accutane and she likes Vitamin E, so I've continued to take it and I def. think it's helped with the dryness. ... (40 replies)
... e. I do know that after my course of Accutane, I'm going to do a full body cleanse to rid myself of any toxins that may be built up in me, and to get rid of the Accutane in my system. As for the moisturizers and makeup, neither interfere with the efficacy of the medicine. PLEASE moisturize your face. ... (40 replies)
... ich I already am. Anyways I really want to up my dose and make sure that it never comes back . How can you make sure it never comes back. Also I am not using any moisturizers or lotions and the only time I clean my face is during the shower I let water run on it. Anyways thanks and good luck to you. ... (47 replies)
... Can I use hair dyes, or anything involving chemicals in my hair a few weeks after treatment of Accutane has stopped? ... (1 replies)
... yeah..thanx..but i do take vitamin C is ok right?but i am on a really low i doubt is even are the real problem for me...i think i am goin to get mederma after my acne is it ok to use mederma while on accutane...coz i dun encounter dryness since i am on a low dose (7 replies)
... I'm currently on Accutane and I thought to do my bit. I started to take Accutane 4 months ago. ... (18 replies)
... Hi ya, daitheflu, I'm currently on Accutane and I tought to do my bit. I started to take Accutane 4 months ago. ... (14 replies)
... The redness is most conciderably on cheeks. If you look closely it seems that there are little capillaries on the skin. It seems that Accutane makes my skin very fragile and thin. I really appreciate the HELP! ... (4 replies)
... You really should try something more pure, which is oil free, such as Neutrogena sensitive skin...this balances out the use of accutane by not adding anything harsh to your skin care regimen. If you prefer something heavier, Clinique makes a nice one called acne solutions... ... (4 replies)
... ally chapped and every morning when i wake up they are bleeding badly and its even all black and dried up from blood because of how bad it is. like you said, lip moisturizers only help temporarirly but as far as your concern goes, i think it might just be a permanaetn accutane side effect. ... (5 replies)
... eakout" everyones afraid of, and the only side effects I got was overall dryness of my body. Like I had a dry nose, eyes, skin, lips, etc. But I just bought some moisturizers and stuff and it was fine. It is true that accutane is hard on your liver, but just don't do a lot, if any, drinking while your on it. ... (17 replies)

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