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... I've been on accutane twice and everything leading up to it. First time I did 80mg per day for 4 months. Second time I was up to 140mg per day in the final 4th and 5th months and I only weigh 155 lbs. ... (6 replies)
... Well, i have been on Accutane twice, also. Like you, the first time, my hair was dry and thinned a little, but not enough to comment on. The second time, it was a nightmare. ... (7 replies)
Apr 20, 2004
... This is my second time on Accutane and i'm about 3 months into it. ... (8 replies)

Accutane "guide:
May 5, 2002
... and some joint soreness. The first time I took it I had a serious initial breakout, but the second time I hardly broke out at all. I think the main reason is that the first time I went off Minocycline which would have made me break out anyways. ... (1 replies)
Accutane question
Apr 27, 2002
... I think its just accutane in the U. ... (1 replies)
... I am about to start accutane for the second time. At my derm's visit the other day we discussed beginning accutane, and then I had asked her about removing two small moles on my face. ... (4 replies)
... no and clinamyacin gel while im waiting for my 30 days to pass for the accutane. ive been on mino for i think 2 months now, and im still breaking out. this is my second time on mino and i guess its not working. but my skin still looks relatively decent. ... (14 replies)
... I'm on Accutane too. My third month. And this is my second time being on Accutane. I took it a couple years ago too for five months. I have never had a rash like you're describing. Are you using a new laundry detergent? ... (8 replies)
... Alltaken, I have taken accutane twice, and yes, it did cause some joint pain the second time, but I was 35 years old. I actually felt LESS depressed when I was taking accutane. ... (22 replies)
... i was on accutane 3 years ago and was clear for about 2 it got even worse than before and now i'm on accutane again for the second time. ... (8 replies)
Mino to Accutane
May 14, 2003
... ell, and I can tell that I am headed back to square one. My derm had wanted me to go on Accutane, but I opted for another try at Mino. I am now hoping to start Accutane when I am finished with the Mino. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I took accutane for 4 months, and my acne was gone completely for a little over a year afterwards. ... (49 replies)
... I'm sure if your doctor put you on Accutane that he knows what he's doing. Just be careful and make sure you get regular blood tests done to make sure the Accutane isn't harming you in any way. ... (3 replies)
... the first time was ten years ago. Anyways, so far I've experienced almost no side effects, just some slight lip chapping and a little bit of flaky skin around the nose. ... (8 replies)
Accutane dosage
May 20, 2006
... day. I don't think your weight gain is enough to increase the dose. The first time I took it my weight was around 110lbs and the second time it was around 135lbs. ... (5 replies)
... yes, but it is offered online... and people take advantage of that. i did take accutane before and i know what to expect... ... (15 replies)
Jun 20, 2004
... I have been on accutane twice and have found a few products that I would recommend. The first time I was on it, I found Almay's milk to be very helpful in hydrating my skin. The second time around, I really liked using Almay's moisturizing face wash. ... (2 replies)
... twice a day. This is my second course, my last course was 2 years ago so i dont really remember. However, has anyone been on this routine too? ... (6 replies)
... hello everyone, I will be taking Accutane for the second time beginning Monday due to my mild but persistent acne on my face/body/scalp. I expect to be prescribed 80mg a day as I was in my previous course 4 years ago (im a male and weigh 180pds). Should I try to get on 120mg or more? My derm is very open in this regard and will prescribe more if I ask. I just want to make... (1 replies)
... I just went back on accutane for the second time, and when I did, my derm said that there are topical creams to put on your skin once you finish accutane that can help prevent a reccurrence of acne. ... (4 replies)

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