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... I went on a low dose my second time around. 20 mgs for three months after a year off accutane. Totally knocked the cysts out. Got blood tests every month. ... (1 replies)
... I took accutane twice, the first time with absolutly no side effects so I didnt hesitate when my acne started comming back to try it again. The second time it seemed I got every side effect they warned me about. ... (13 replies)
... First time i was completely cleared for about 2 years. Second time i was cleared for a year before the acne came back. Personally, i'll never go on Accutane again, the 2nd treatment side effects were just waaay too bad. I'll rather have my cystic acne than go through that again. ... (4 replies)

... i knew about accutane before many of you posters were even born.i think it was in a 1981 issue of science digest.i told my derm a year even before the fda approved it. ... (21 replies)
... Hey guys my derm is thinking about lowering my dosage on Accutane from 80mg to 60mg a day. This is my second time taking it and my skin is pretty clear, but i just dont want it to come back. I'm going into my third month soon. ... (2 replies)
... I'm on my second course of accutane. This time, however, I am taking a low, dose routing over an extended period of time. ... (4 replies)
... I am a guy and was in the same situation as you. My skin was great for 4 months, and then suddenly it returned. So, here i am back on accutane for the second time and it seems to be working again, with all the original side effects of teh first time. ... (4 replies)
... day and it stayed away for almost 9 months. the second time i went on with the same dose but it only kept it away for a month. right now i am using topicals and taking vitamins. ... (6 replies)
... Katarina, I am very sorry that Accutane didn't work for you. I have been on it twice. The first time, my skin cleared up beautifully for about 6 months. The second time, my skin was still breaking out badly well into the treatment and I couldn't take it any more and stopped. I don't know if I would go on it again or not. ... (2 replies)
... has anyone out there had success with taking accutane for the second time? ... (13 replies)
... ore will basically stop peeling lips. it is amazing. my derm had recommended it and now i use it all the time. trust me if u try it u won't be sorry. this is my second time on accutane. ... (11 replies)
... this is my second time on accutane and it cleared the first time and then came back. i had mild to moderate acne. my derm put me back on the 80. ... (4 replies)
... I hope it works for you....I did Accutane for the second time and it didn't help at all. I now get Cystic acne and it doesn't clear for weeks...its awful. I am almost 30 and still dealing with this. ... (13 replies)
... So Ive been on accutane twice... ... (0 replies)
... God it's so depressing I was really hoping I could go out tonight but my face isn't even CLOSE. I feel so helpless and I just pray to god this isn't like the second course i took of accutane last time. I pray this is just the initial breakout and that it will pass. Please god. ... (68 replies)
... which is great because I don't have to wash my oily hair everyday. I have not side effects and my skin is clear and pinkish! This is the second time i've been on it. ... (27 replies)
... I was on accutane 4 1/2 years ago for about 6 months . DOes anyone know if its healthy to go on It again? I remember having realy chapped lips and being depressed all the time. (5 replies)
Aug 30, 2004
... ll still get a pimple here and there, assuming that it has worked well. A lot of people have to go on it a second time. ... (2 replies)
Accutane shaving
Jan 27, 2004
... Just buy a beard trimmer. I'd say $50 would buy you a really good one. I tried to not shave when on roaccutane the second time; my skin was just too sensitive. (3 replies)
... it worked the first time and the second time but came back the second time after a month so i am back to topicals. ... (12 replies)

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