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... I'm not sure I can remember all your questions, but I'll try to answer some. First, you can't take vitamin supplements while on accutane. Accutane is a dirrivitive of vitamin A, so it will overdose you. My derm told me I could only take a calcium supp. As for dryness, drinking water won't help. ... (46 replies)
... Hi! I read your post about accutane and i think you shouldn't be disappointed with your results so far. ... (5 replies)
Accutane questions
Jun 18, 2005
... Drink lots of water to avoid rashes and dry lips. Seriously, do not stop drinking water. Drink it any chance you get. I got rashes on my hands near the end of my Accutane treatment. That is actually a bad sign and you should tell your derm. right away. ... (6 replies)

... Sweetie, I have horrible skin, and have since I was twelve or so. I did Accutane for six months, and oh my gosh, that stuff makes your skin sooooo wonderful. at least for me it did. the scar holes from my blackheads even got smaller! ... (9 replies)
... Um, since the skin is constantly exfoliating i think it clears redmarks faster on accutane but someone told me that it slows the healing i don't know. ... (22 replies)
... I have been on accutane for about 9 weeks and my face broke out so bad that I was totally upset when I had to go to class because I am in college (third year) and not very many people suffer from acne. I would not even go to class some days because of how bad it looked. I also began to hate accutane, but I have somewhat been seeing results over the past few days. What... (5 replies)
... I thought that I would be one of the few that Accutane would not work on... but I'm not! I mean, My face broke out with these cysts... ... (5 replies)
... I just cant stand being infront of people with this horrid acne. if i knew Accutane would be this bad i wouldnt of started with it, i would of just delt with my acne with topicals. my derm says im just pushing out all the hidden cysts. ... (5 replies)
... accutane sucks. for alot of people it causes hairloss (26 replies)
... Hi Ohio,we look forward to the clash when our Blue Jays dominate your Indians,let the games begin. With Accutane their is apparently alot of side effects. Have you heard about the product ProActive Solution? ... (5 replies)
... I think BillyJoel had a more competent doctor than I, but my results have been similar. Accutane is going to push all of the gunk out of your skin (I know, I wish it would have just made it disappear, but all things in life aren't perfect). After all the crap is out then you will start clearing up. Use Cetaphil liquid cleanser(I don't remember reading if you did) and... (5 replies)
... hi juici! i am so sorry to hear about your skin! i know just exactly what you are going through, and it soooo sucks. i wouldn't recommend the accutane EXCEPT as an absolute last resort, and honey, it sounds like you are there. imo, when antibiotics and topicals aren't working, it's time. ... (216 replies)
Mar 1, 2001
... t. so i am considering accutane. But i have heard that if u dont have severe nodular cystic acne, accutane can cause severe adverse affects. So basically what am i screwed!? ... (5 replies)
... I feel like Accutane is probably inevitable. ... (216 replies)
Aug 11, 2004
... I found my first time on Accutane was the least successful in terms of lasting time, and my dosage was very irregular, as the derm kept upping it. ... (102 replies)
... term permanent damage. i had known that DURING taking accutane is dangerous. but i didn't know that AFTER is dangerous too. ... (20 replies)
... if i can offer any words of advice it is to NOT stop taking sucks i know it does...everything about it sucks. i would miss work because my face was so awful. you have to have to have to carry around lip balm at all times... ... (7 replies)
... Actually there is nothing new about Sprio for acne, we used to prescribe it quite a lot it before Accutane came along. ... (2 replies)
... Perfect advice, and we say stock up on lip balm...i mean really stock up! i have had constant chap lips for the last eight sucks...worth it, but sucks. (2 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Jun 24, 2009
... Basically, I know it sucks, but you're not going to get prescribed accutane just for oily skin. Accutane is after all other methods have failed. ... (250 replies)

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