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... I started Accutane back in October of this year, I'm mid third month. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry you're having a flare-up. I had them occasionally even on Accutane, but I thought it might be hormonal (I'm a girl)/menstrually related. All I can recommend is that you try using a mixture of 10% over-the-counter Benzoyl peroxide mixed with hydrocortisone cream (also in the drugstore) on cysts. Unfortunately, I used that to deflate the cysts and bring them to a... (2 replies)
... I started visiting this board a year ago before beginning accutane and thought I'd share my experience. ... (0 replies)

... acne got horrible before it finally died down after i was taken off completely. the second cycle was a extreme dissapointment so needless to say going into the third cycle i am nervous. ... (68 replies)
... out not updating more but when your self cofidence sky rockets you suddenly have more to do! I have been on Acccutane now since March 15th so I just finished my third month of my five month course. First month I did 40mg a day then on 80mg a day since. ... (68 replies)
... Derm said I should continue with Accutane one more month. Then, if I choose, I can do it a third month. I plan on choosing the extra month. ... (14 replies)
... a month went by and i noticed two more things. ... (6 replies)
... Maybe I just don't know how bad it is... but I am just about to go on Month 5 in April and I have drank a bit the whole time on Accutane. ... (11 replies)
... not speaking for everyone here, but my experience went well. No depression, I actually got happier because my skin cleared. First month acne didn't get better, but face did get really dry. Second month, cleared dramatically and no new breakouts. ... (1 replies)
... out of your system and then you can replenish it with lots of food and take your accutane with the food, then go to bed and your all set. ... (9 replies)
... thanks for the reply. again, woke up w/ more cysts :( . is this anti-biotic a safe combo w/ accutane? does it really help the flare ups? and what kind of anti biotic was it? please write bak ASAP!! THANK U!! (14 replies)
... e. I do know that after my course of Accutane, I'm going to do a full body cleanse to rid myself of any toxins that may be built up in me, and to get rid of the Accutane in my system. As for the moisturizers and makeup, neither interfere with the efficacy of the medicine. PLEASE moisturize your face. ... (40 replies)
... I took Accutane a couple years ago for the typical five month period and am now taking it again. I'm on my third month of it, 80 mg per day. I didn't have an initial breakout this time or last. But some people do. I could see a difference both times after taking it about a month. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jan 4, 2005
... I know accutane works different for everyone, but I keep hearing that the third month is the one when people really start to see results. When they say that, does it mean that people clear up during month three, or after month three? ... (672 replies)
... My derm put me on an antibiotic along with my first month so that my initial breakout wouldn't be too bad. And during my third month I had a second breakout and he put me on the antibiotic again. I honestly don't know why more derms don't prescribe the antibiotic to help with the flair ups. ... (14 replies)
... I just finished my 5 month course of accutane adn i am very happy! My back completly cleared up withen in the first month or two, and my face broke out a little bit in the beginning but aftre the third month it looked amazing!I now have clear skin! ... (10 replies)
... moderate acne and, like you, tried pretty much everything before Accutane. I am at the end of my third month and my skin is the best it has ever looked. Poreless, clear, great texture, etc. ... (1 replies)
... cuz i am 18 i go on accutane the 18th of this month and ill be 19 august 24th, so i dont wanna be screwed on the third month cuz i get off my moms insurance.... ... (4 replies)
... cuz i am 18 i go on accutane the 18th of this month and ill be 19 august 24th, so i dont wanna be screwed on the third month cuz i get off my moms insurance.... ... (9 replies)
... I'm in my third month of Accutane. ... (2 replies)

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