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... And prior to the antibiotics I had moderate, persistant acne. ... (9 replies)
... I was on Tetracycline for 5 years, it never cleared me up and now i have to deal with tons of health problems because taking antibiotics for so long totally destroyed my digestive system, weakened my bones and made me extremely sensitive to sunlight. ... (9 replies)
... :wave: I am currently on antibiotics for acne (novo-minocyline). I have been on it about a month it does not seem to be working. Could anyone answer my questions? 1. Did you try the same antibiotic as me? 2. Did it work? How did it work - any side-effects? 3. Did you try Accutane? 4. Did it work? How did it work - any side-effects? 5. What type of skin do you have?... (9 replies)

... I am on accutane right now.... ... (9 replies)
... I've been on the minocycline 100mg for years. I went thru one round of accutane in 94, which it helped tremendously. It managed to keep the cysts away for about 2.5 years. ... (9 replies)
... I looked at both spiro and accutane to treat my acne, which was described as "hormonal" by last der. ... (34 replies)
... demand accutane from my doc when i see them november 3rd. ... (1 replies)
... Look up acne rosacea online to see if this fits. Normally the first step in controlling acne these days is a cream to use along with antibiotics to clear up the infection. Remember acne is caused by the staph bacteria it often takes a course of antibiotics to help clear this up. ... (34 replies)
... Joey, Your not supposed to take calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt etc) and Iron (? I think) two hours prior and two hours after taking minocycline...also you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach, and if you are taking it 2X a gets to be a pain in the rear. Matt (9 replies)
... wait for 2 hours to do what? (9 replies)
... thanx for ur reply. anyone else? (9 replies)
... after abouth a month i heard it gets worse cause acne takes a month to develop or something so maybe after 2 months you might see improvement. (9 replies)
... I really need some input!!! (9 replies)
... weeks. Dude, you have a chance to go on accutane. TAKE it dude. Accutane will clear your skin for sure. It has worked for so many people. ... (9 replies)
... I will tell you personally after taking accutane it doesn't work it comes back so why go thru the procedure and hassle it isn't fun you get dry all over your body and in alot of places you don't want to know... ... (12 replies)
... effects Accutane does. ... (3 replies)
... carring, I don't know if I'd try that same technique if I had active acne, as it may aggrivate the acne. Also, topical medicines that do not induce peeling, and antibiotics that may combat acne internally, may do absolutely nothing for scarring. ... (0 replies)
... I'm currently undergoing a series of Beta-lift (salicylic acid) treatments for acne scarring and redness. After two treatments, the redness has been nearly eliminated and as a result, the scarring, I have the shallow pitted variety, is less evident. This procedure has superceded my expectations, after two procedures no less, and three more to go, I find myself liking the... (6 replies)
... then by taking Accutane you actually reconstruct your skin to produce less sebum. Resulting in no Acne. ... (10 replies)
... I was reading your posts on the Antibiotics vs. Accutane post and just wanted to say... ME TOO! I am married, 24 and developed hormonal cystic acne whilst on Alesse 28 last year. ... (20 replies)

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