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... and you're not ingesting for acne specifically....many years ago a friend of mine was in aestician school and she used one of this zappers on me on one pimple.It worked. ... (9 replies)
... I have bought the derma wand, and am just starting to use it. I am 23 and using it just for acne, I'm not worried about wrinkles just yet. It's a little weird, it's like its shocking your face with electricity, and it does produce a "oxygen-esque" smell... I'm using it twice a day, 5 minutes in the morning and at night. I will let you know what happens... So far it just feels... (9 replies)
... I don't have a derma wand but I do have a high frequency machine. And I must say, I LOVE it!! ... (9 replies)

... below is my own acne plan i suggest for your daughter, im sure she is as beautieful as you say she is :): Tims Diet And No Acne Plan: 1. Vitamin B5 or Panothenic Acid, And what it does: This is a marvellous vitamin, basicly what it does is break down fats and carbohydrates in your blood, thus reducing the ammount of oil and sebum produced in your body, therefore... (7 replies)
... is not linked with acne at all and never will be that's the end of the story, period, stop, no, stop talking, etc. ... (73 replies)
... Tims Diet And No Acne Plan: 1. Vitamin B5 or Panothenic Acid, And what it does: This is a marvellous vitamin, basicly what it does is break down fats and carbohydrates in your blood, thus reducing the ammount of oil and sebum produced in your body, therefore Less breakouts - Less spots, this vitamin in its concentrated form doesn't come cheap, so just watch the... (0 replies)
... The microdermabrasion kits that you can buy are not the same. They are basically just a scrub. The kind I am talking about is a "medical grade" machine. the wand blasts your skin with tiny particles while at the same time vaccums it off you face, back, chest etc. This stings a bit but is well worth it. ... (12 replies)
... If they worked, why wouldn't derms prescribe them? Don't be drawn in. (9 replies)
... Yeah,this thing im planning to go buy .i always see it in commercial,it said that it can heal your acne or many skin problems in a matter of weeks,is this true or fake.could someone share a experience on this really curius about this. ... (9 replies)
... I own one, I bought it years ago but it didn't work very good. Although it made my skin overall smooth and brighter looking but didn't help with acne much. I would save your money!! ... (9 replies)
... I have seen it advertised but in my vast experience in trying to cure my acne I have found that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. I would also find it interesting if that product has worked for anyone. ... (9 replies)
... Dacure, This sounds like something I read about. It is called the Derma Wand. It's a little hand held device that massages the skin with oxygenating impulses (you do it at home). It is supposed to be good for large pores, acne, etc..... I have never used it nor do I know somebody that has. It seems like it was around $80.00-$90.00.

(4 replies)

... Microderm uses some stupid ridiculous wand that recycles aluminum oxide crystals, I believe that's what it still uses. The aesthetician picks a strength and works it's way up each treatment. ... (20 replies)
... th sandpaper, where they literally ground off the bumps to the depth of the valleys...not at one treatment though. Now they've gone high tech with a crystal and wand system,,,,much less painful after. Chemical peels just renew the skin surface, but does little to get rid of bumps and pock marks. ... (6 replies)
Apr 23, 2009
... Always leep skin clean and fresh .Wash it with water wand moisturizer . ... (1 replies)
... one of the main reasons i think this is legit is b/c the clinical trials were supervised by the FDA. so at least it appears that the 90% success rate actually might be close to reality. the thing i don't understand is that when someone comes on this board with a new theory about putting urine on their face, there seems to be more enthusiasm for that treatment than there... (34 replies)
... y i think its bs i orderd something from IGIA like years ago i was sixteen it was battery operated and cost 90.00 it was supposed to zap zits it like came with a wand needless to say it was as effective as the ab belt. ... (34 replies)
... I have REALLY fair skin, too, and finding a foundation that covers AND matches my skin tone is really a challenge. Thankfully, through a bit of trial and error, I've found that Maybelline's Great Wear concealer wand in FAIR really works well as a foundation because it covers more than regular foundation AND it's oil-free. I usually use this and then top it off with Neutrogena... (21 replies)
... e story of when how bad my story was like all of us and get to the more important stuff. i told him that around the early 80's i went to a doctor about my cystic acne scarring and had collagen implants to which i was not very happy. ... (5 replies)
... but I am wondering if this is scar tissue that remained from past acne that I got on the back of my neck? ... (0 replies)

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