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... Personally, I wouldn't say I have acne on my arm anymore, I used to when I was younger, but there are still red marks left over from it. Thanks. ... (1 replies)
... about 4 days ago i got this bump on my arm, near my elbow, that i thought was just a pimple. i have fairly sensitive skin so, pimples and skin irritations are well-known to me and usually disappear within 2-4 days with the proper treatment. this bump that i have has not gone away yet. infact, it almost seems to be getting worse. it is quite hard and sometimes lets out pus... (1 replies)
... hello people, not to much to read here honest :) I tryed using normal powderd type baking soda and water to clean my face, but it didnt really work, due to it hard to get in to a paste form etc.... So instead I tryed washing with arm & hammer baking soda, freshmint gel toothpaste. I thought I might aswell try this as its already in a paste :D I applyed some to my face... (0 replies)

... I am not sure if these are pimples or ance or whatever but I have small little bumps on the back of my arm (tricep) that are always there. I am sure you guys know what I am talking about..does anyone have advice for this? THANKS!!! (11 replies)
... It cleared up all me chest arm and back acne. It even got rid of the marks on my chest and arms. Still having trouble clearing the marks on my back. It clear up in a month. ... (4 replies)
Arm Acne?
Jul 31, 2003
... Ok these pimples on my arm have been there for 1 year now, I see that some of my friends have it and some don't, it seems somewhat common and I tried to search on the internet but turned up no results (real results anyway) so is this normal and it will eventually go away, or is there something wrong that is in my diet that creates these things? (3 replies)
... I don't think you would say this when it does happen. I think without an arm is 10,000 times worse than having acne. Maybe even more than 10000. Gosh... I can't even imagine living without an arm, it's too scary and horrible. ... (4 replies)
... thing and it got so bad that they were about to admit me to the hospital to feed antibiotics to me interveinously. Mine was so bad that it covered my entire left arm and my arm had swollen to twice it's size. ... (8 replies)
... If you've scratched your face and then scratch your arm or shoulder, you've transferred the bacteria from the pimples on you face to your arm. ... (1 replies)
Allergic REATION!
Nov 15, 2003
... this product. my mom had me test both products on the inside of my arm... and guess what arm had tiny red bumps and which didnt? ... (2 replies)
Jul 17, 2003
... Hi I was wondering if someone can help me regarding a marks I have on my arm. what happened is when I was younger over 10 years ago I was in my teens I used my dad's razor to shave arm -shoulder area - it left marks on my arm - skin is darker - dark patches. I just ignored it and did not so anything which I regret now, when I went to the doctor after several years he gave... (0 replies)
... he would try and push it down as he touched different pressure points on my body and he would say them out loud,and i would have to resist him pushing down on my arm but there were certain points where my arm was just limp and he would write that down. ... (11 replies)
... i'm a 19 year old male. i weigh 185 pounds. i work out constantly. and have had really bad facial and body acne for 3 years. well, i finally got on acutane two and a half months ago at 40 mg a day. everything was fine, just that my lips were really dry. anyway, i wasn't seeing results so i had my doc up my dosage to 40 mg twice a day and about 5 days in i started getting... (1 replies)
... MSNIK, thanks again. I could possibly do acid peels myself... When putting my left arm from underneath my back and putting my right arm over my back I can reach my fingers, over an inch for my middle fingers (you know what I mean?). I don't know if that factors into making the peel easier. If not, I could have a friend do it for me. Thanks for the tip about the neutrogena... (11 replies)
... hahah! so you think arm and hammer made up all these reviews about it curing acne just to sell more arm and hammer baking soda at $1 a piece? :p So far it's been working better than Proactiv did for me and I was on Proactiv two years! Not to mention Proactiv dried out my skin a lot worse. Since I got off the bar of soap and stuck to the baking soda only the past two... (7 replies)
... does this help back acne and arm acne. ... (62 replies)
Was this acne?
Oct 4, 2006
... t howling in pain, then I get one on my back meaning the pain doubled, plus I had to sleep on my side because the pain was that bad, then I get another one on my arm so the pain got that bad I went to the doctors, so in the space of a few days I had 4 spots on my chest, back and arm. ... (2 replies)
... for dry lips. She said that will happen. And she gave me 2 bottles of 38 SPF sunscreen. I also had to do blood work. I got stuck 2 times. First in the arm and the blood lady could'nt find a vein then she finally got one in my wrist. I will start the Sotret Tomorrow. ... (11 replies)
... intresting that you said one side of your face is much worst than the other side. Make sure you change your pillowcase everyday and are not resting your hand or arm on your face at any point of the day. The side that is worst I guarentee is the side that you sleep on or rest your arm against. ... (12 replies)
... Influence, I'm doing well thanks for asking ;-) Honestly I don't know what to tell you about the bumps. Do they look & behave like acne? If not then perhaps it's some sort of rash or bumps due to some sort of allergic reaction to something you were exposed to (orally or externally). Have you changed your detergeant, fabric softener, body wash, etc recently? Is there any... (3 replies)

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