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... I have been applying my home made topical b5 to my face for a little while, about a week now. ... (0 replies)
How long on B5?
Nov 7, 2002
... I've been clear on B5 for 11 mos. I started w 6grams and maintain on 4 to 5 gs. I can lower to 3 when I'm swimming regularly. The original study was done with patients taking 10gs. ... (12 replies)
Topical B5
Sep 3, 2002
... B5 supplmenets. I know B5 has proven effective for many ppl, but has anyone tried it as a topical cream? ... (2 replies)

How long on B5?
Nov 7, 2002
Originally posted by rohanan: There is a company that sells B5 and special B5 creams for acne and they give the dose as 10gs- so it must be safe if they passed the FDA.
Dietary supplements don't have to "pass the FDA". The US Congress passed a law many years ago that makes... (12 replies)
... well black eyes, from what you're saying, it seems like b5 was the only thing you did and didn't use any good cleansers or moisturizers. ... (3 replies)
... From reading this board I have decided to try to B5 Vitamin method... I have read a book where B5, VE, B6 and Acidopholus is lacking from our diets. ... (6 replies)
... Pantothenic acid (Vitamin-B5) as coenzyme A is closely involved in adrenal cortex function and has come to be known as the "antistress" vitamin. It supports the adrenal glands to increase production of cortisone and other adrenal hormones to help counteract stress and enhance metabolism. Through this mechanism, pantothenic acid is also thought to help prevent aging and... (2 replies)
May 30, 2002
... Hi all people! I have some question. I have mild acne, when im on medication anyway. I was wonder if the B5 is working good? ... (2 replies)
... I have a question about the b5 I take. It isn't really vitamin b5 on its own. I take the B complex pill, which has all the b vitamins in it and it has 100 mg of b5. Is that okay? ... (1 replies)
B5 Question
Dec 22, 2000
... I have heard alot of you guys talking about B5 and its wonderful results...its sounds like worth a try. ... (1 replies)
... Well ive been taking 2 grams of b5 and 50g zinc,1 vitamin a and 2 flaxseed oils and boy what can i face is clear as hell and no spots now. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I'm a male and 22 years old. My skin is semi-oily but not as oily as it's been in the past but yet I still have persistent mild (sometimes moderate) acne. I've been on various over the counter and prescription topical acne creams, none of which have been a miracle cure. I've been on 2 regimens of accutance and both times my acne has come back (and I have had side... (8 replies)
Face wash with B5
Oct 15, 2001
... I have been using a "foaming face wash" with B5 in it, and really liking it. I am just about to buy my second container, so you know that it is a keeper. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you for both of your quick responces. actually my acne is not to bad at all. I seem to get some pimples here and there. I go to a dermatologist and have tried most of the creams out there(differin, azalex, tazorec, triax,)I am currently using Brevoxyl 4 now and have been for quite some time and that does seem to work well. But I think if there is something else (b5) out... (9 replies)
... hahah u're so funny...i stopped B5 for a lont time and i didnt' see any breakout. maybe ya cleanser or maybe ya acne creams. I am using Purpose bar soap and Pearl Cream. ... (3 replies)
... Noticed that people have been searching for less expensive vitamin B5...they have listed on their site TwinLab brand, 500mg/100 tablets for $5.74. Also, good prices on facial cleansers, creams, etc. Check it out! (0 replies)
B5 Diary
Jul 4, 2005
... What kind of acne do you have? Mild, moderate, severe? I suffered mild acne in 9th grade, then it moved to moderate 10th grade, then junior year I upgraded to severe acne. I too tried EVERYTHING... and when I mean everything, I mean everything. I tried at least 10 different prescription antibiotics, countless prescription topical creams/gels, proactive, all natural... (12 replies)
... congrats!! i have been on 1g for a few months. it seemed to work well till the last couple of weeks...bad stuff! i think i'm gonna goto 5g too...2 1/2g at lunch and 2 1/2 at dinner. sounds like you had real good results. what else do you do? and creams, moisturizers or other vitamins?? thanks (3 replies)
... The only topical B5 creams (Panthonol) I have heard about are Bepanthol/Bepanthen made by Roche, I haven't tried them though. (19 replies)
... Also... anyone try those glycolic peel creams you can get over the counter? ... (11 replies)

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