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... few months ago, I had moderate to sometimes severe acne. I do know that I have tried MANY kinds of BCP and OTC is the first to work for me. I have had no other side effects at all and my periods are much lighter and I went from having monster cramps to none at all. ... (12 replies)
... instead, 3 in the morning, 4 at midday, 3 in the evening, and then 4 right before bed. I have been on them for quite a while now. It is not a cure, I still get acne if I do not use proactiv, however, my skin is a lot less oily with less pimples. ... (6 replies)
... or perhaps too soon to tell. during your hairloss, did you experience any other side effects? ... (40 replies)

Acne! Why Me?!B5 ?
Apr 23, 2005
... Khan Artist, I also heard 10 G a day is the best...but I wanted to work myself up to it so I wouldn't get the side effects that I heard you could get from it. So far I have not recieved any. I went from 3g to 5g and now i'm at 8g. ... (9 replies)
... Hey, Im thinking of taking it as well. My acne isn't sooo bad but I hope that this will clear it up. My face gets very oily very fast. Ugghhh I hate it. Lets hope it works. ... (4 replies)
... and didn't see it. If you try to go off it will your acne come back worse than before? ... (4 replies)
All B5 users
Oct 30, 2002
... Age: 25 Acne: 3 months ago i was waking up with like 5 new pimples a day and was totally covered in tiny lumps on forehead, just ultra conjested. Now i would say its Mild - Moderate, lots of redness/scarring, blackheads and tiny tiny lumps and about one new pimple every day or second day when im lucky. Forehead is totally clear now. Time: I started at the beginning of... (42 replies)
... i have been on it for about a year and a 1/2 and i havent noticed any huge side effects the only huge issue i have had was with my weight- but i think i regualted my body to that just by forcing myself to eat more. I started on 5 grams aday off and on for the first year- but now i am taking like 1 gram aday, and my skin is looking good and i know it is because if the B-5... (1 replies)
The magic of b5
May 19, 2001
... No, my acne is not cystic, at its worst it could be classified as severe, but that was before the first dose of accutane, after that, its been moderate to light. ... (6 replies)
... after two months because the side effects I was getting from it just weren't worth it anymore. ... (20 replies)
B5 users BEWARE
Mar 19, 2001
... a few extra white heads, I would have still been taking it. But My face is already clear, and now I'm seeing my face get weird, and its looking like I've had acne for years. Plus white heads all over my mouth area, and chin. ... (10 replies)
Feb 13, 2001
... So like, how long do I have to take this vit.5 stuff to stop my acne from coming back forever? ... (78 replies)
Feb 8, 2001
... I just took a look at your photo and I agree with the other girls. You are very cute! The acne is only a part of us and not who we are. ... (78 replies)
... please go to see a doctor with your 9 yr old. I really don't think such a young person should take anything (including B5) without the close supervision of a doctor.... I am taking accutane and I have weighed up the risks after a lot of research. While the side effects can be irritating (dryness), I don't believe it to be a significantly dangerous drug when used in the... (17 replies)
... What is the cause of adult acne, especially in those who had no acne as a teen? ... (14 replies)
Light treatment
Dec 31, 2003
... In my very recent experience the biggest weapon we have against acne is diet. Just from watching what I eat and drink I know I can noticably improve my skin in a matter of days and even fend off emerging outbreaks of acne. ... (11 replies)
... You can't overdose on B5. Whatever B5 your body doesn't use up, is discarded. ... (20 replies)
Spiro query
Dec 15, 2003
... Hey karl! I have never tried B5 actually. I took 50 mg of Zinc for a few weeks but didn't see any difference in my skin. I have been on 50 mg of spiro now for 3 weeks and I am totally clear. ... (1 replies)
... I must apologise for the late reply so late to this thread. I've been following it with great interest in the hope of finding a cure to the B5 induced hairloss. ... (40 replies)
... Truth is that Accutane is a bit of a paradox. It actually INCREASES Insulin Resistance while on treatment, but the effects usually disappear afterwards. ... (9 replies)

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