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... Hey all, just want to list a bunch of different things I've tried to rid myself of bacne and hope that someone can suggest something else to try. ... (6 replies)
... I used to have bad bacne and NOTHING helped. I tried those exfoliating washes, soaps, scrubs, the Neutrogena acne body wash, I used sulfer spot treatment, I used harsh toners... ... (6 replies)
... thing formulated specifically to cure your chest and back acne and it worked for awhile and then your acne comes back...i hated i tried using Ivory bar soap for 4 days and then dove sensitive skin bar soap for 4 days alternating back and forth between the two... ... (3 replies)

... I'm a 37 year old male that has battled on and off cystic bacne since I was a teenager. ... (7 replies)
Feb 6, 2007
... I bought a very backless dress. buttttt i have a plethora of bacne that is not clearing up. ... (7 replies)
... I should add that I try to always play things by ear. If my skin gets too irritated I will spend less time washing that area, or use normal soap for that area. ... (6 replies)
Bacne help please!
Apr 15, 2010
... i'm in your same boat i used the acutane and it completely cleared my back up but came back eventually years later my dermatologist has me taking minocycline and i think it's causes me to be bloated heavily but my point is the soap i'm using alone seems to be helping tremendously it's a soap you can by at walgreens benzo peroxide soap check it out see how it works for you and... (7 replies)
... Sweetlily, Is the Skin Success Fade Milk about the same thing as the Skin Success Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream? Do you know the difference, becuase my CVS only has the Eventone Fade Cream, not the Milk. Thank you (7 replies)
... really bad acne. She had scars and bumps on her face. But this time her face was clear and the scars have faded incredibly. So she told me she was using this soap called Maxi Light. I was not able to find the soap. Long story short, I finally got a hold of this soap. ... (7 replies)
... The only thing I've found to be effective is Panoxyl 10% soap or the acne wash that's also 10% benzyl peroxide. The most important thing that I have discovered is that you have to wash each area for 1 minute. This is the only thing that seems to get my skin to sufficient dryness. I wash whatever area has acne for 1 minute each (I count 1 mississippi 2 mississippi and so on) so... (6 replies)
... Two products I love that could be used on your body: Dr. D's Tea Tree Soap and Grandpa D's Sulfur Soap, they worked wonders for me. I don't like taking antibiotics. You may want to try to drink tea which is good for your body, take a vitamin, and eat a balanced diet. Have a nice day. (5 replies)
... Face acne= Mild Bacne=Severe Any recommendations for Panoxyl soap 10%?? (8 replies)
... I just came from the derm and I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face. (Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disorder that can be easily treated. This condition is a red, scaly, itchy rash most commonly seen on the scalp, sides of the nose, eyebrows, eyelids, skin behind the ears, and middle of the chest. Other areas, such as the navel (belly button), buttocks, skin folds... (0 replies)
... You're welcome! I'm glad the swelling gone has gone down for you. I'm desperately trying to find solutions also. My doctor prescribed my BP but that does little to nothing. He recommend me using Dove bar soap. I've switched to the exfoliating one so I hope that one helps. (7 replies)
... Maxi Light Beauty Soap Lightening & Purifying contains vitamins A and E, trace element and Hydroquinone. (7 replies)
... Hi Sweetlily, Would it be possible to list the ingredients for the Maxi Light soap? I'd really appreciate...thanks. :) (7 replies)
... I had such a hard time finding a beauty store that sold this soap. This site sells it. (7 replies)
Jun 14, 2007
... this and the proactiv mask are the only two proactiv products I use. And dove soap of course. ... (5 replies)
Jun 12, 2007
... My DH has acne all over, one thing the Dr suggested that helps some is using an antibacterial soap on your body. Its not a cure but it cuts it down some. ... (5 replies)
... use tea tree oil soap you can get it at the body shop. ... (5 replies)

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