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... it gets SOOO much worse and I get bad scarring, only when I'm on acne meds. ... (10 replies)
... I read through a lot of previous posts on B5, doing a search for messages with B5 in the subject line, but didn't see any mentioning an initial breakout period, guess I missed 'em so I'll search again... ... (5 replies)
... r the worst of the breakouts, my skin was so irritated, stinging, peeling, and very red. It hurt really bad, I was depressed, which was fine because it hurt too bad to smile anyway. After 4 weeks, my skin slowly started to heal, and I haven't gotten nearly as many pimples as before. ... (8 replies)

... Hey Lyndsey, did you read the post i gave you back 5 or 6 days ago. I went up gradually. My initial breakout period wasnt really 2 bad because i went from 20 to 40 to 60 mg. Anyways, i have been off it for more than a week and my skin looks pretty darn good thankfully. ... (3 replies)
... Not everyone breaks out that badly. All accutane is doing is pushing out all those deep pimples that are inevitably going to come out anyways to the surface and just flushing them all out so to speak. For most people it really is usually less then a month of breakouts which is a small price to play for completely clear skin later on in my opinion. (47 replies)
... Do you think if a person with mild, but persistant acne, went on a longer, lower dose course...that the bad breakout period could be avoided? ... (47 replies)
... I know how you feel! I'm about to start Yasmin on Sunday and I'm kinda sketched out about the whole "initial breakout period". ... (17 replies)
... Title: redness caused by former breakouts I love and hate retin-a at the same time. Im on my 5th week of retin-A. I think the worst of the initial break outs are over, dealt with. (YAY!!) But i had a really bad breakout period with retin-a and all the zits left a red mark. Now my face is all red and blotchy, with buncha hyperpigmentation mixed in. (3 replies)
... although the sun may help your acne, it is very bad for your skin. Any tan is skin damage and skin cancer is a serious problem. Excessive sun exposure also leads to aged wrinkled skin. ... (3 replies)
... I've read on here about people having a very bad breakout period with you think I'll get that or does that just happen when starting on birth control pills for the first time? ... (4 replies)
Thanks to revlon
Jan 15, 2003
... and it's not as "natural" looking as I prefer. BUT when I'm really broken out this stuff is a lifesaver! During a very bad breakout period I was having I actually had someone tell me I had a nice complexion! It was totally the makeup!! ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I am glad to hear how well your skin is doing on Accutane. I started Accutane 15 days ago and I am currently dealing with the 'initial breakout' period, and looking forward to the end of it As for the whole hair-loss could also consider taking biotin to improve the condition of your hair. Take care and... (1 replies)
Accutane users
Sep 5, 2004
... Don't worry about the initial breakout because worry will only give you those great stress zits along the jaw line. ... (14 replies)
... A vast majority of people will get a breakout after starting B5. It is different for everyone, however usually it takes the form of large cystic ance spots. Even if you have never had them before. ... (1 replies)
... My daughter cleared in the first month of ortho-tricyclen and that was cool but then she broke out in month 2 and it got worse and worse until she quit in month 4 when she started accutane. It got really bad. We didn't want to stick around for 6 months to see what would happen. She was going to stay on it but I didn't want it to still break her out when she went off the... (17 replies)
... I hear there is an initial breakout from any birth control pill? ... (17 replies)
... pm. Well, after an initial breakout period, my face started clearing up, and I'd only have a couple small pimples. ... (4 replies)
... this breakout is so bad the worst of my life. waiting for my period now on the week off the pills and I don't know if I can do another month if it is going to make it worse!! ... (0 replies)
... So it took awhile for me to realize that I didn't actually follow the procedure properly and that because I'm Insulin Resistant perhaps the apple juice was a bad move. ... (429 replies)
... Thanks for the response arock. So your initial breakout didn't get better until your dose was upped? ... (4 replies)

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