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... Actually, time has proven itself as of late to not fit into the 'cure' category either. :( Sad huh? We're starting to see more and more people get acne in their late 30's and even 40's. As long as theres Accutane, theres hope. ;) deleted (7 replies)
... but in the long run it will throw off the ph balance of your skin since baking soda is alkaline. If you need a home remedy, apple cider vinegar diluted with equal parts water works fairly well, for milder types of acne. ... (7 replies)
... Snake Oil means it's a fake cure. In the old days there was "Snake Oil" product that would sell that could cure everything. See my point? ... (7 replies)

... but then, it got not so clear and I started to breakout again. So I agree with amo, try stopping the Baking Soda and see how that goes. ... (167 replies)
... concerned....I've read about the baking soda causing really bad breakouts. How long have you been using it? ... (167 replies)
... do you think if i used the capsiderm at night, and the baking soda in the morning, that would be too harsh? ... (167 replies)
... you have to be careful with baking soda for two reasons , your skins acid mantle, baking soda is alkaline and it negates that, also it can be harsh-and if you scrub too much, your skin wont like it. i got my capsiderm sample in the mail a day ago and am on day two, its hard to tell whats its doing cuz my skin was pretty clear already when i got but ill keep you all updated. (167 replies)
... When I tried baking soda a long time ago I got those small under the skin bumps that take weeks to get rid of. Baking soda definitely didn't work for me. ... (167 replies)
... I've heard of baking soda bringing stuff to the surface, so it could have been that. ... (167 replies)
... not to sound too foolish, but how exactly do you wash with baking soda? ... (6 replies)
... What is this deal with baking soda? ... (11 replies)
... I like baking soda too, baking soda and just plain water, make a paste. No soap to mess up the pH. ... (11 replies)
... ok... we have all tried lots of things to get rid of our acne problems, right? has there been a sure way yet? well maybe we are all stressing too much trying to find the right cure. we are driving ourselves CRAZY. I have tried lots of things. proactive,retin-a lots of different oral meds, every over the counter product availible. From now on I am just gonna wash with a gentle... (6 replies)
... pineapple, baking soda, tea tree oil... and some chemical such as neutrogena, oxy, biore, gervenne and some other chemical brands for pimple... ... (1 replies)
... I used it for about a week and it did not improve my skin at was actually getting worse (i dont know if it was the Capsiderm or the supplements i was taking). But i stopped using it and now i wash with baking soda once a day and put Klaron lotion on at night (thats it). I'm going to the derm to see what else i can do and i also bought Saw Palmetto supplements which... (167 replies)
... amo, i'd been using the baking soda for over two months before stopping to try the capsiderm, so i am sure it's not that. ... (167 replies)
... I've never used baking soda on my face so I have no idea if it will be too harsh on your skin; only you can decide that. I've decided to go with Capsiderm in the morning and a Neutrogena wash (w/ salycylic acid) at night. We'll see how that goes. Does anyone else find that they are getting a greater number of smaller pimples since starting Capsiderm? (167 replies)
... rom the capsiderm. i naturally have sensitive skin that isn't oily, so i'm wondering if me using it so much is causing me to break out. before this, i was using baking soda, and it seemed to help my acne somewhat, and then basically keep it under control. any thoughts or advice on the matter? ... (167 replies)
... Although I did notice on the two days that I used the baking soda, my face didn't become an oil slick, which was awesome. But this breakout is insane. It's just not fair. ... (167 replies)
... I used baking soda for like 3 days and my face went pimples everywhere and in places that I don't usually get them. ... (167 replies)

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