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... cyclen was horrible for my daughter's acne. She gave up in her 5th month cause it just got worse and worse. I was wondering if that one didn't work, which would be the logical one to try next? ... (22 replies)
... For some reason I believe Alesse suppresed my acne. Well I really don't know how but I never had any acne before Alesse so I got on it for birth control reasons only. Well I gained about 25 lbs. which was terrible so I wanted to get off to see if I could lose weight. ... (22 replies)
... But Alesse has made my skin 10x worse than it was originally. ... (22 replies)

Nov 30, 2003
... I've been on OTC for about 5 months now and am 99.9% clear. The first month it got worse, but after that it was a steady improvement. I know everyone is different, but this was a miracle for me. (1 replies)
... k minocin is just the brand name for the antibiotic minocyline. I am on it now, and have been for about 4 years. I have stopped taking it twice and both times my acne came back so I had to start taking it again. My acne hasn't come back worse, it just came back, and still responds to the minocin. ... (6 replies)
... Years ago my acne went away with homone therapy and now my child is having the same issues and the same cure is what is helping her. ... (9 replies)
... products, and even accupuncture. Although the accupuncture helped a little, my skin was still a lot worse than what it used to be while I was on Yasmin. ... (5 replies)
... Im looking for a good birth control to go on because...well,Im going to need it for birth control and I'd also like to improve my "little" acne situation. ... (2 replies)
... I hope there is someone out there that can help. I am a 40 year old woman with acne on my face, neck and back. I believe it is related to hormones, and to support that theory here is some info about me. As a teenager, I NEVER had zits. ... (9 replies)
... Hi! I actually feel the same way you do. I have cystic acne too and have been on minocin 3 times in the last 4 years. It works great while I am on it but the couple of times I have come off of it, the acne has come back. ... (41 replies)
Hormonal Acne
Aug 11, 2005
... i think my acne is partially hormonal because i have alot on the jaw area, but i also have a significant amount on my cheeks and forehead too. ... (5 replies)
... provera BC is what caused my adult acne. I used to have very mild acne that i coulld easily control with drugstore products. ... (20 replies)
... When I first started tretinoin cream, my skin got worse before it got better. It was kind of red and irritated, and I experienced an initial breakout. ... (16 replies)
... Before I started BCP, my acne was relatively mild, but sometimes moderate around my period. It focused on my forehead, nose, and a little bit on the crease of my chin. ... (18 replies)
... placebo week I would break out worse than ever and my emotional state was all over the place. ... (10 replies)
... I'm definitely not an expert on bcp's but I do think that if you have hormonal acne like I did, then they will most likey help your situation since the pills give you a more steady balance of the hormones. ... (8 replies)
... At the moment I have around 20 of those clean and clear acne patches on my face because I just didn't want to look at my face anymore! The pimples I am getting right now are really really big and red!!! ... (17 replies)
... neck area. Also, I noticed when I was on the sugar pills while the week during my period, my skin would clear up then get worse when I got off my period. ... (5 replies)
Hormonal Acne
Mar 3, 2005
... Ok...I'm just like you, I only break out during my period. Here's the 2 BCP that didn't work for me (in fact made my acne worse): Yasmin (awful), Ortho Tri Cyclen (not as bad). Desogen is the only one that worked in controlling my hormonal acne. My skin is much better now that I don't take any BCP. I'm taking 100mg of spiro and getting high grade glycolic peels one a... (1 replies)
... my face. don't get me wrong, now I am crying about how fat I am, my back hurts, my hair is awful, I'm so emotional. I definately don't feel more attractive, just acne free. You don't realize what you have until it's gone. ... (17 replies)

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