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... With differin, it will get worse at first which is discouraging but it will get better. give it a month and you will see improvement. (7 replies)
... ily skin becasue of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. My derm recommended a few lines, Murad, Joesoef skin care, ddf. these companies offer products with sulfur as the active ingredient to treat acne. I used med, OTC, BP and countless trips to derm office. Then I found out about sulfur. Sulfur is king..... ... (7 replies)
... Salycilic acid, or Benzoyl peroxide wash? ... (4 replies)

... I use Differin too. I've been on it for over a month now with not too much of a difference. I use the Cleocin T in the PM and the Diff in the AM. I haven't had much success with either. ... (6 replies)
... I used the salicylic acid ones. Benzoyl peroxide dries me out too much. Like I said, I think it works well if you put it on a wash cloth and gently scrub the back area. It worked for me but everyone's different but it won't hurt you to try! ... (4 replies)
... Hi there! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Bactrim but I have mild acne and I currently use Differin gel . ... (3 replies)
... they made me puke if I took them on an empty stomache. Now my acne's fine, I never wash my face when I am suppose to or follow any guidelines...just when I breakout. ... (6 replies)
... water, you should not use face washes with harsh microbeads and stuff that will irritate your skin and make your skin more red. ... (2 replies)
... Wash with cetaphil. ... (3 replies)
... well i went on a Differin gel and Clindamycin and it worked somewhat but it's sort of just stopped and now i have redmarks and still some acne mostly on my cheeks. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone! I am so glad that I found this website. I seriously thought I was the only person in the world with acne. I swear...I never see anyone with acne, except when I look in the mirror and it's so frustrating. I always feel like I want to cry when I look in the mirror. Anyways... ... (16 replies)
Hello Everyone!
Sep 5, 2002
... ressful. I dont remember exactly when I first got acne. My parents made me use those Oxy pads in 4th grade. In 7th grade,when I went to my doctor, she prescibed Differin gel. That did not do anything for me. In 9th grade I finally went to a derm. ... (0 replies)
Differin Progress
Feb 22, 2002
... ich didnt clog my pores as my cetaphil daily sunscreen lotion. The night cream by Neutrogena contained mineral oil which would explain why I would always wake up with new pimples. Now My face is clear, been clear for awhile. ... (9 replies)
... hi carol, it was pretty bad - many, many inflamed pustules all over back, chest, neck, cheeks. although not cystic, but i went on diane at age 19yo before it reached it. which controlled it well for ages, but one time when i went off it for 5 mths, it came right back full-on and badly!! that was about 5 yrs ago. and for the past 18mths or so i've started getting quite a... (2 replies)
... I naturally had some reservations about taking the full plunge. I heard friends and people on this forum talk about how bad proactiv is, so I decided to mix it with the stuff I'm using right now. ... (7 replies)
... were you happy with the results and would you recommend it to someone else? ... (10 replies)
... I would recommend going on Differin immediately because you will continue with the retinoid treatment you are doing now and I have found it is just as effective. ... (12 replies)
... Spironolactone and Differin is a great combo! ... (4 replies)
My Experience
Mar 2, 2002
... also prescribed me these wipe things that I was told to use at night. I don't remember what they were called but they smelled really bad. Anyway, I used my face wash which wasnt very gentle and all those topical medicines during the day, and at night I used these wipe things. ... (10 replies)
... Sadly, some adults do not "grow out" of their acne. I am 25 years old and still deal with mild to moderate acne. My acne began around 13. In many respects, it has a lot to do with your genes. ... (5 replies)

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