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Benzoyl Peroxide
Jun 25, 2005
... Benzoyl Peroxide is the worst thing for skin. Any decent derm would tell you this. ... (15 replies)
... I use the wash for the shower and wanted to know if I could use the Benzoyl Peroxide afterwards for my back acne? ... (2 replies)
... well, the benzoyl peroxide seems to be doing the job on its own, but im also using oxy or noxema pads (which contain salyclic acid) to wipe the makeup off in the evening before i use the BP working WONDERFULLY so far! (6 replies)

... Salicylic acid is great for unclogging pores and exfoliating the skin. Benzoyl peroxide actually kills bacteria. ... (6 replies)
... I know these are the two medical ingredients we are supposed to look for in over the counter products, but is one better than the other?? why arent there prodcuts that contain both?? would it be smart to use a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide in the morning and one with salycic (sp?) acid at night? or is it better to stick with just one...what is the difference between the... (6 replies)
... benzoyl peroxide should be practiced daily to help kill the bacteria. ... (16 replies)
... doesn't your skin build up immunity or something with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide? ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I have tried all three of these products and would say that benzoyl peroxide is the best out of the three for treating acne, Salycylic acid did nothing for me at all and Triclosan is normally found in an antiseptic cream and is used to prevent infections. (1 replies)
... salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or triclosan? ... (1 replies)
Benzoyl Peroxide
Nov 25, 2004
... I would recommend those who use Benzoyl Peroxide to use a lot of it. Not those small little dime sized amounts, but spreed the gel across your whole finger for each part of your face. ... (0 replies)
... It's not that your body gets used to it, But as it is constantly exposed to air, the Benzoyl peroxide loses it's effectiveness. If it seems to have stopped working, it's time to throw it away and buy a new tube. ... (13 replies)
... y angry because many of them very expensive. There is nothing you can do to avoid it except to use white towels only. Luckily, I am no longer using any form of Benzoyl peroxide, so I do not have to worry about that. ... (5 replies)
... Benzoyl Peroxide solution and it doesn't dry me out or make me red at all. Other BP products have, however, so it really depends on what you use. ... (12 replies)
... I like benzoyl peroxide, but I haven't used a salicylic acid creme for a few years and I forget the results I got from it. ... (9 replies)
... There different kind of creams. I know more people find success with benzoyl peroxide, but it really depends on the person. ... (9 replies)
... Benzoyl peroxide, from my experience, does nothing for blackheads. Fortunately, I don't have too many of them to worry about. When I do get a cluster of blackheads, which I do now, I usually go for a chemical peel. It really helps to lift them out. A great, beginner peel, with very minimal amounts of peeling, would be a "Detox Peel". Detox stands for detoxification,... (13 replies)
... Seriously go to their site and try it. if nothing is working for you, its doesnt hurt to try. just make sure you "gob" on the benzoyl peroxide, thats the key. and since its 2. ... (13 replies)
... My derm told me that your face will not get used to Benzoyl Peroxide like it does with antibiotics. I have used it for many years, and even thought it doesn't clear up my face completely, it will get much worse if I go off of it. ... (13 replies)
... benzoyl peroxide helps a lot in my opinion, its one of the product that i would recommend anybody to use. so far it has done wonder for me. you agree? ... (9 replies)
... I have been using a benzoyl peroxide cream all over my face for about 2 months and it has been working great. But I was wondering if it is possible to develop a tolerance to BP? ... (9 replies)

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