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... I almost think that you should have a choice in what to use. It sounds like accutane is your best bet and if the derm thoroughly reviews the pros and cons, let YOU decide if you want that or not. ... (3 replies)
... If indeed accutane was the best thing out there, everyone who could take it WOULD and then would go on to be PERMANENTLY cured. However, it doesn't work that way for all people. ... (25 replies)
Acne! Why Me?!B5 ?
Apr 22, 2005
... at shows my back from all the scarring fromt he cysts and i still also occasionally breakout. My dermatologist is still recommending that if i want i could go on accutane but since i got married in sept 04 and we're planning on trying for a baby soon it's not a good idea. ... (9 replies)

Jun 13, 2003
... tuff up but there are so many tiny ones that I just am not sure that was under the skin. It's almost like they are just appearing. I know this hasn't been my best post and for that I'm sorry. But I had to get this out before Gary gets home. ... (20 replies)
... acne a staphylococcus aureus infection. I used everything from antibiotics to accutane. Antibiotics worked for their duration, but had their toll on my organism. accutane worked for a bit, but in the end was too dangerous for its small benefit on me. plus since then i have dry eyes. ... (0 replies)
... scle growth. Therefore, it appears that when dealing with males, from what studies I've read and the testimonies or anecdotal evidence on these boards, males do best when focusing on managing their sugar, lipid, and inflammatory product levels. ... (55 replies)
... Through my own ordeals, I've learned that there is a treatment or combination that is the BEST one for you and your body will let you know if you made the right choice. ... (97 replies)
... Then came Junior High, yippe! I had gained weight over the summer due to lack of activity and I was being made fun of already. I lost my best friends, phillipinos, because it seems that there were different racial groups, and it seems white people couldn't hang around with phillipinos. ... (2 replies)
To judgeJules
Apr 13, 2002
... of accutane for 2 weeks as the first week you will breakout which is good to take the high dosage to get the breakout done and fast ,but if you ever stop taking accutane and then go back on it after a while ,you will no breakout .. ... (6 replies)
... tion to be extremely severe but since nothing worked, it was the last bit of hope there was AND I had my tubes tied so that made it an easier decision. I was on Accutane for 6 months and overall, cleared up for a month AFTER I was off of it. During that 6 months, chapstick was my best friend. ... (3 replies)
... Now, this product is a gem to me. It's the only moisturizer that I've ever used that doesn't break me out. It's very lightweight and it leaves your skin feeling silky. ... (0 replies)
... Nothing any dermatologist ever prescribed me ever did a thing for me. Including accutane. And all the antibiotics probably give us all candida imbalances. What helped the most was diet changes. The first was realizing that something triggered the horrible cysts I used to get--oranges. Eliminating them got rid of my worst and most disfiguring problem. That was over 15 years... (6 replies)
... Continuation of my post above.... I'm a big fan of recent studies, but these were rather shocking for me to come across as they are from almost 10 years ago (they go back further). I would've been 14 - 15 years old at the time these were published and if I had KNOWN, I would have avoided wheat, saturated fats, trans fats etc back then instead of having to wait until... (30 replies)
... Oh what the heck: So this is why "bread" can cause/initiate acne production. "Bread" as in Wheat, as this is primarily what is used when we speak of Flour, Bread, Pasta, etc. Now I follow a gluten free (gf) diet and therefore I avoid most grains, yet millet is one of those that is allowed in a GF diet. I however have yet to eat millet and now that I see that it is just... (11 replies)
... o male. been battling with acne since i was 21. i've tried and done most everything. i haven't used accutane or mino yet. i have mild acne as well. ... (3 replies)
... How did the Dr decide which of his products were best for you? ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I feel for you. I have had cystic acne for years, had to go on Accutane 3 times. It really is the only thing that works for cystic acne because it comes from within,and leaves bad scarring. ... (5 replies)
... because there is no one "magic" product that will work for everybody, so i think its unfair when people term a product as "Evil" or a "miracle" because that only applies to certain people, not to everybody.... ... (18 replies)
... gth of the BP and the duration of exposure. The nice thing is you don't have to have the BP on all day so the drying can be controlled. I also use this great product called Glytone Acne, it's a flesh tinted sulfur and resorcinol product. ... (1 replies)
I want to help!!
Feb 1, 2006
... I have been suffering with this problem for most of my life. I was on Accutane and various antibiotics in my early twenties. I cleared up after the Accutane for about 6 years. Last April I started developing painful cystic acne and extreme tiredness. ... (8 replies)

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