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Low Dose Accutane
Feb 19, 2009
... Well my lower lip is getting dry, slightly cracked. Not bad, I am using lip balm again. The round of acne that I have is pale and not so noticeable. ... (250 replies)
... free moisturizer. A lot of people on this board don't seem to like this brand, but I have found it to be the best. As far as the drying is concerned, everyone is different. ... (7 replies)
... So... for the first week, accutane really appeared to be working! The bumps appeared to be drying up and I was really excited. ... (4 replies)

Low Dose Accutane
Mar 16, 2009
... businesses, and that in itself is an issue. You probably have run into self appointed lawyers and have the same reaction. But, the web is an incredible source of information, anecdotal yes, and produced by lay people with no formal professional training. Its all true. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 20, 2009
... wers this thread has had already. Post your results so individuals who may take this option can compare more than one story. Any other individuals currently on Accutane please post as well. If you would, please list age, dosage, gender etc... ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 16, 2009
... Definitely sensitive, turned red quickly. Could be a combo of Rosacea and sunburn. Will wear sunblock from now on. No other side effects present. None. ... (250 replies)
... The heated rice bag is by far the best option and I highly recommend that you try it out if clogged glands are your issue. ... (26 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 14, 2009
... g the lower dose scheduling on the 4 day cycle. Sex drive definitely is different. Things work, but the miindset has been affected. I am not sure what to make of it. Oh well only time will tell. I will lower the dosage further after the next Derm appt. I am still very wary of this drug, but man, wow..... ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 18, 2009
... I gotta say, that Accutane changes the normal process for a zit. I was already for a long drawn out process for my new acne. It started very painful as usual, but.... ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 26, 2009
... Well OldLawyer, thanks for the comments. I am jumpier than a longtailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs over this medication. I mean its just a fact, Accutane is controversial, period. I gotta say though, wow! What an amazing job it has done in healing my tortured schnoz and chin. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 24, 2009
... Kg of body weight norm here in America. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 21, 2009
... flaking of the skin on the face. I know this is personal discussing the sex drive and all....but. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 15, 2009
... Well, I will make this short. I have just taken my 10th 20mg accutane pill and all is going well. No side effects of any noticable import. It seems my body has gotten use to it. My face is nicely itchy around my normal oil areas. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 14, 2009
... Well its the morning of day 9 and I have taken 8 Acctuane pills for a total cumlative dose of 160 milligrams. I still take it at night before bed with a small meal. Well, I am in love with this drug, fear and all. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 12, 2009
... ou have both Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea to find a dose that is just right for both afflictions. Low dose studies show that 2.5 to 10 milligrams for varying sizes of people seems to work very well for Rosacea. Low dose studies for Acne seem to hover around 10 to 20 milligrams for varying sizes of people. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 11, 2009
... y now I should be breaking out gang busters with Acne Vulgaris all over my nose. Ususally my nose is throbbing from the swollen sebaceous glands. It is feeling of normal size again. It actually looks smaller. It is like a switch has been thrown and my oil glands are being told to stop. ... (250 replies)
... Well its official I tried caffeine again and I flushed within 3 minutes of drinking it. It appears that I no longer have the protection of Doxycyline and normal Rosacea symptoms have returned. I don't think the Accutane has caused any flushes, just normal triggers. ... (250 replies)
... thanks for all your help jhart (14 replies)
... I've always used Simple Moisturising Cream. They offer varying degrees of moisturisation and their Shine Manager Moisturiser is particularly good at preventing a shiny finish. That's not to say it's the best. ... (14 replies)
... Proactiv. Please dont be put off if youve tried this and found it didnt work. Find out which works best for you...Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicilic Acid. They both won work for everyone. ... (0 replies)

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