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... American with skin the complexion of Halle Berry, tan naturally. When my skin started to pale I thought maybe I was just going through the motions with the BP I've been using. ... (7 replies)
... A. If I were you I would try to use it for the amount of time your doctor perscribed without taking a break. I think taking the break really does not help your acne out much in the long term. ... (5 replies)
... I haven't been here in a long time. I still have acne, and it has not gotten any better. I'm still switching back and forth from one product to the other. Recently I have been using a Glycolic acid cleanser, which worked the best compared to everything else I've used. ... (10 replies)

... I was on Minocin MR antibiotics but it didn't really do much for me, nor did the Retin-A, so i'm going to stay off it for a while and see how it goes, while eating fruit Which fruit are the best? (46 replies)
... iv read threw all these messages and it made me remember about my 12 years of acne, when I used to search the web all night sometimes to find a cure for the embarrassing skin problem I had "YES I SAID I HAD! ... (6 replies)
... get off the antibiotics. In my experience, this is one of the worst forms of treatment for acne. Sooner or later the bacteria on your skin will become resistant to them. When this happens, and believe me it will, you will develop a far worse case of acne than what you started with. ... (18 replies)
... most of the time on my forehead. They looked so bad! They would get heads on them, and when they would pop, it would go down for a day or so then come right back. Sometimes I would have several at a time. I remember one cyst I got last year in January, and it didnt go away until May! ... (14 replies)
... I was using proactive....purely because it didnt make my skin any worse and wasnt too terribly drying. I used it for a year while I was in college. I was on a payment program they offered, which billed my parents credit card every month. My parents maxed that card, and that left me with no way to pay for it anymore... ... (6 replies)
... information. But gee fitch you make acne seem less complicated than what we see it. It's a condition of the skin, treatable in it's own right? ... (26 replies)
... Id have to disagree with you ManderBC about the hormonal change. I see that you are in the healthcare area, but my question to you is why do we not get acne sooner to when we hit puberty. ... (26 replies)
... if you know your stuff inside out the only difference between you and a doctor would be just the privilege to prescribe drugs .. i'm sorry if i offend anybody but that's the way i feel after years of fighting against acne .. it started when i was 18, 19 .. now i'm 28 .. ... (10 replies)
Aww- help!?
Nov 29, 2003
... I know EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE. I have lots of little bumps that are like there for a month or a month and a half. They turn into these huge zits or even worse cysts on me that scar. ... (1 replies)
... i mentioned this a while ago and someone said it was milia... ... (2 replies)
... zits, meaning I would have some of them for months, and months at a time. I would also have a smattering of red inflamed pimples that sometimes would come to a head, and sometimes not. Also, I would get cysts. ... (5 replies)
... I need to learn as much as possible because Ive only had this for about 6 months so Im totally new. ... (9 replies)
... I use proacitive with the mint julep mask. The others are correct that the thing to do is to wash with the cleanser, then put on the mask. ... (9 replies)
... I really feel the same.....I think what we are doing wrong is trying to fade the red marks with harsh products that only make us get more red marks.... ... (10 replies)
Accutane question
Jan 19, 2004
... btwn undergrad and grad school. i was on it for almost a year. it really dehydrates you and i had a jar of vaseline with me at all times. ... (9 replies)
... Just wanted to share my experience with you folks. I am a 23 year old female. Acne since the age of 14. Not cystic scarring acne, but the kind with big whiteheads which leave spots every time they go. ... (0 replies)

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