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... I actually had this same question a month or so ago, and did some research. I have very oily skin, a lot of red marks, but my acne is finally starting to clear up. I looked at older posts, and also looked at websites with makeup ratings and reviews. ... (14 replies)
... I've had chronic acne ever since I was 12. I've been on Accutane, antibiotics, peels, topicals, and nothing worked. ... (2 replies)
Best Regimen
Jun 13, 2001
... is dirt. Or course there is oil. Of course there is pollution to consider. I'm choosing not to respond with products that do little but further exacerbate the acne that I do have. This of course within the context of my experience. I'm not advocating this by any means. ... (8 replies)

... free foundations and powders that cover any existing acne just beautifully. I have never broken out on BB's products either. If you find that mineral makeup doesn't give you the coverage you are looking for, give it a try. ... (5 replies)
... Firstly, its physically IMPOSSIBLE for ANY foundation to last that long!! But, that said, this is what I find makes it last as long as possible and look as good as possible. ... (10 replies)
... I used Trisan a type of cleansing soap for people with acne it worked alot. Once My face cleared up I started wearing makeup and i found that the trisan was hard to get the makeup off. Then i heard from someone i know that baby wipes are the best for taking off make up and for acne. ... (15 replies)
... Please excuse me for taking so long to reply to your questions. ... (429 replies)
... hey..just wanted to let everyone know I bought Revlon Color Stay Make up makeup Ive ever had..Im always looking for a makeup that will hide my acne and even the worst scabs and this stuff did it! I definitely reccomend for everyone! ... (4 replies)
... my acne LITERALLY disappears, and unless someone is really cloase to me they can't tell I have acne problems at all. In fact, when I'm made up, people have actually complemented my skin and called is "flawless".... if they only knew. ... (12 replies)
... I have oily, acne prone skin...I like to research things before I buy them..what's your favorite mineral makeup "brand" and why? ... (5 replies)
... Its not that he doesnt care about his, its just that he doesnt do anything about it. My mom and I always tell him to put acne meds on his face every night and clean his back well and put stuff on that too.. I have to help him sometimes and always tell him to do it. ... (21 replies)
... n say that your herbalist is giving you oil because your skin is lacking moisture and it's causing you to produce more sebum in result. Moisturizers don't cut it for people like us. I swear I have tried them all and either they dry me out or make me look like a slime ball. ... (5 replies)
... stand this. My younger sister, who is 16, has very severe acne...but she doesn't do anything to help herself!! Sometimes she comes home and doesn't even wash her makeup off. My mom buys her facial cleansers and she doesn't even use them. She eats fast food at least five times a week. ... (21 replies)
... yea.. im a guy but these scars are really embarrasing and i want to look my best if i ask this girl to homecoming i was wondering which coverup or makeup thing i could use that wouldnt irritate or clog my pores (i really dont want to use nething but its gotten sorta bad) and id also be very glad if u provided a price as well as the name tha WONT cause me ne more acne (8 replies)
... re now than 10 years ago. My chin is the worst. I don't eat badly and I keep my face clean and wear a minimal amount of makeup. It is def hormones. Im trying Acne Free now which I bought down at my Walgreens. Its working pretty well drying up the stuff but Im hard pressed to say if I will keep buying it after I use it up. ... (10 replies)
... I'm not liking the blackhead clearing scrub cause it doesnt take off my makeup at all but i hear its great so i'm using it until it finishes. I'm trying to work another product into my regime. ... (2 replies)
... My dermatologist asked me if my acne was hormonal, which it is, so he put me on spironolactone. Can a dermatologist do any kind of test to see what the cause of your acne really is? ... (30 replies)
... I'm 37 and STILL have acne issues! ... (1 replies)
... I was also on Mircette and it didn't do a thing for my skin. ... (8 replies)
... number one thing you need to NON-COMEDOGENIC if it isn't don't buy it! My derm says that' what you need to look for. I guess that means it doesn't cause acne. (12 replies)

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