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For poreoilyme
Jun 4, 2003
... I've never tried BHA before ... I use the wild lettuce soap, BP at night and AHA during the day ... I like the idea of BHA with BP at night ... but should I use BHA during the day ? ... (3 replies)
... Paula's Choice suggests that you should not use BHA and AHA at the exact same time, as this can lead to irritation. ... (36 replies)
To Timdream
Nov 4, 2003
... HISI and Lemongrass, my skincare regimen is as follows: AM: - Purpose Moisturizing Foaming cleanser or Proactive Renewing Cleanser - PC 1% BHA PM: - Purpose MFC - PC 2% BHA - OoO Regenerist Serum (fragrance free) thinly, on any areas I need "regenerated" :) (8 replies)

Feb 28, 2004
... A, Differin, or Azelex at night. ... (16 replies)
AHAs and retin a
Jan 13, 2004
... A, Differin, or Azelex at night. ... (1 replies)
... I would also like to add that I have been extremely strict when it comes to this skin care regimen. I don't miss a morning or evening. ... (8 replies)
... so used in the day if the BHA is used at night, or used every other night alternating with the BHA. ... (7 replies)
B5 Day 7
Apr 28, 2003
... nfo on B5. I have decided to take the full l0 grams daily starting today. Everything seems to point to this dose to get the full results. You stay on it for 2 or 3 months and then you can cut it in half, depending on how well you still do. ... (13 replies)
... with very oily skin at the mid day or ends day if i wasn't to wipe it off or keep wiping it off ever other few hours it looks like im sweating but its actually oil. ... (4 replies)
... There's no way of telling if your skin will react badly to the products or not. That is why you get the free samples before purchasing. ... (5 replies)
... ic Acid nor the Colloidal Sulfur. However since you can't handle BHA, then you should just find products that will dry up those persistant buggers and do it 2x a day max. ... (65 replies)
... apply the bha at night, right after cleansing.. ... (15 replies)
... I realize if you over exfoliate, you will irritate your skin and get more pimples. But slight exfoliation is good for unclogging pores. BHA is an exfoliatant. Maybe you are using it too offen, try skipping it a day for two, or just use it at night. That is what i do. ... (7 replies)
... I use both BHA and AHA. I no longer have a need for BP, but when I was using it, I would use the BHA in the day, and the AHA and BP at night. ... (4 replies)
... I never had any breakout problems with BHA! You can use the AHA at night and then the BHA during the day, or the reverse, so you can have the benefits of both. ... (4 replies)
... I also agree that they should not be used at the same time. Alternate them one in the morning and one at night, or every other day. ... (20 replies)
... hello! you mentioned in your reply to my stridex post that you used stridex night and day for a few weeks and it worked pretty well...does that mean that after a few weeks you stopped using it? ... (2 replies)
For poreoilyme
Jun 4, 2003
... and night, but it might be too much for your skin. AHA only works on the surface, so if you want to do that alone during the day and just BHA with BP at night that'll be fine too. The best thing is to experiment and see what works best for you. ... (3 replies)
Clogged Pores?
Apr 9, 2002
... hmmm.. maybe i will just go ahead and get paula's choice. youre saying this is better than any bha product you've used? ... (30 replies)
... seems to do it for me. I just buy the 99cent trial bottles, and they last a while since I use it so infrequently. I really like that it's ok nowadays to miss a night of the complete routine every now and again... I just make sure to wash with plenty of water, and use a little BHA. ... (0 replies)

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