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Big-Red Acne?
Apr 9, 2005
... I don't know what it is but it's a really big, red bump that looks like an acne. But there is no pus or anything. ... (2 replies)
... I'd still get a big bump about once every week. I've been on Tetracycline for a few days now, and I've cleared right now. ... (7 replies)
... I stop it. Has anyone had simular problems.., YOUR input is really appreaciated. I bought ProActive Solution, it made my skin smooth, but I still get the lump acne under th skin. What can I do, my world is falling apart because of these big lumps under my skin. ... (5 replies)

Mar 3, 2002
... ut one time the toothpaste went on my chin. I felt something tingling, so i just washed it with a cleaser, then the next night i felt my chin and i felt a pretty big bump. I just left it but after 4 days, it grew into what i think is a cyst. ... (3 replies)
... it probably is a big pimple that keeps forming in the same spot... I have a similar problem, but not quite like yours.... for me it is a big bump that forms from time to time... I squeeze it and put some creams on it.. and it goes away. ... (1 replies)
... ya i think its a cystic acne.....its gonna last for like 3 weeks! seriously! they suck! (3 replies)
... t being a big, cysty bump..It isnt. Thats the worst part of cystic acne..besides that it hurts and scars.... It is impossible to cover with make up. Because the bump is so big that you can see it with make up on. Its like a flesh colored bump as opposed to a red bump. Wow..what a difference! Ya know? ... (96 replies)
Feb 24, 2006
... Mostly the same pimples accept two new big ones on the chin. ... (3 replies)
Acne! Why Me?!B5 ?
Apr 23, 2005
... Are yours like these or are they the horrible monsters I used to get which start forming underneath a few weeks before they actually rise to the surface as a big red bump and then they just sit there for another few weeks before they finally slowly start going down? ... (9 replies)
... years, mainly due to poor washing. In January, I finally went to a doctor about the problem, who diagnosed the issue as cystic acne and recommended Accutane and a trip to the dermatologist office. For the time being, the doctor put me on doxycycline. ... (1 replies)
Acne journal #4
Jan 25, 2001
... teenager, my age or a little bit older. He must of came out from the dermatologist himself. He was talking to his mother. I actually felt sorry for him, his skin acne was pretty severe from what I saw. ... (9 replies)
... The type of Acne i have is not very normal. I dont get a lot of small pimples, or a lot of big cysts. I just have a mediocre amount of small bumps on my forehead that aren't even really that noticeable, and black heads. ... (4 replies)
... red bump with this disgusting green head on it. ... (98 replies)
... If they are painful and deep at first, start as red bump and get big under skin, then form a little whitehead. These are usually cysts. And if you pop them, they release this clear stuff for a little while, then scab in days. ... (2 replies)
... I didn't have acne.I used to be a full spirited, funny, jokey person and the best person to hang around with at school and I was popular.Now I have blemishes and acne over my face, I have a stuck up attitude because of my acne.I hate going out in public, I get nervous and uncomfortable going out.Constantly touching my face. ... (5 replies)
Cystic acne
Apr 11, 2014
... ng like a teenagers.Stupid thing swells up,the swelling goes down, and u get left with a lump for wks.Not only that, I'm starting too get fine line wrinkles, wow acne and wrinkles, lucky me. ... (1 replies)
... Hi! Ive always had since i was 18 problem after I shaved. Ingrown hairs and razor bumps was always a big issue since I a couple of months found out about 2 terrific ways to treat thid symptom.... ... (0 replies)
... do have dandruff AND acne, definately look into this! The pityrosporum, which is the yeast, causes the bumpy rash, and then most of the time, you'll have regular acne mixed in with it.. it can easily turn into a big ol' mess. ... (4 replies)
... well thank you so much... its just soo frustrating to look around and see people with beautiful skin and yoiu look in the mirror and you full of acne. Acne is like the worst thing that has plagued my life and I want to defeat it once in for all! ... (133 replies)
... just read this thread and thought i'd bump it up for fun. ... (93 replies)

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