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Big ol' pores
Jun 2, 2005
... okay, so my skin's been doin' pretty well lately but i can never seem to get a handle on my nose!!! it's NEVER smooth. my pores are ALWAYS clogged! i don't have too much blackhead trouble but i AM greasier than a southern fryin' pan! ... (5 replies)
... i have big pores on my nose and cheeks thats always clogged by oil or blackheads... ... (6 replies)
Big ol' pores
Jun 5, 2005
... my nose also have pores, i guess we have the same issue, maybe if you try to use the neutrogena oil free acne wash it will reduce the amount of grease and oil on your nose, but you probally have to use this for quite some time. 1 year or more im predicting, and it is suppose to be used daily (5 replies)

Big ol' pores
Jun 5, 2005
... can make pores appear larger than they actually are, particularly as the sebum accumulates inside the pore. Incidentally, there are huge concentrations of pores on the nose and the skin surrounding it, which is why it is such a problem area for so many people. ... (5 replies)
Big ol' pores
Jun 4, 2005
... my nose is full of open pores and oil as well...nothing seems to help! anyone? ... (5 replies)
Big ol' pores
Jun 5, 2005
... Use alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid on your nose. I have the same problem as you and that is the only thing that has made my nose smooth. ... (5 replies)
... been watching your guy's post for a long time and decided to jump in. I think I may have something similar to what you guys have, but I get lost in all of those big words, so I thought I would just tell you what I have and maybe you can tell me if we are on the same line or not. Anyway, I have huge pores. ... (18 replies)
... now, and im still having a problem with my skin. I have an oily t zone complex and It seems like it will never go away. Anyways, right now im suffering with clog pores surrounding the nose area on the sides and also breaking out in that area. ... (2 replies)
... When i first when to the dermotologist and told him about my blackhead problem, he said that those weren't blackheads on my nose, i just had big pores. ... (16 replies)
... The problem is just my nose. The pores are big and constantly clogged. It's been a problem for years, and only in the last 10 months or so I've been trying to actively fight it night and day. ... (1 replies)
... allows easier removal. Those big unsightly holes are enlarged pores that have been clogged and stretched. They longer they go without being deep cleaned the bigger they get. So proper cleansing is super important. ... (28 replies)
... my cheeks are definately improving.. like there's definite improvement.. but it's kinda pissing me off cause even though my cheeks are looking so much better, my nose is still a problem and since my cheeks are getting better, it's bringing out my nose more... i have clogged pores and i need to unclog them.. ... (19 replies)
... zone area. I have been using a salicylic facial wash and every now and then a cucumber scrub for about 7 months now. It is a great cleanser, my pores got cleaned out but it left one problem. ... (1 replies)
... so even thought it may help alittle bit, probably you wont see a big difference. ... (1 replies)
... across my nose, cheeks and forehead. And they're various sizes too. I really hate it. I've talked to my dermatologist about them several times. She tells me that pores tend to enlarge as we age. Also, there's a hereditary factor. ... (8 replies)
... e VERY superficial scarring on some parts of my forehead, that looks like enlarged pores, but when i stretch the skin just a little bit it's all smooth, not like pores which go all the way down, so i'm hoping a TCA peel would smooth that very top layer out. how deep do your scars go, and what kind are they? ... (14 replies)
... Has it helped with pores and old marks from acne? ... (1 replies)
... icing these 'bumps' at certain places around my face. They are kind of crossed between blackheads and whiteheads. All I could decribe them as is as if it were my pores pushing everything out. ... (0 replies)
Jul 19, 2002
... what color are pores supposed to be? ... (4 replies)
... this specilty clinic I go to. Your only suppose to leave it on for 20mins, but once I left it on all night, and when I woke up, there were no more blackheads, my pores were just big and empty! but i just used ice to skrik the pores. After two months of use I have zero blackheads on my nose, and the area around my cheeks! ... (5 replies)

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