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Pregnancy and Acne
Jul 10, 2001
... I'm thinking about getting pregnant pretty soon and I was just wondering how pregnancy affected the mothers out there. I know for some it makes your skin much worse and some much better. My skin is very pale and I get big red pimples under the skin that take a long time to heal. I don't think it's cystic though. ... (5 replies)
... related white bumps all over my skin. The white bumps have completely cleared up. ... (15 replies)
... what kind of acne did all of you have. ... (15 replies)

... I'm the mother of a 16 year old daughter. I'm in tears writing this story. I'm just so lost as what I can do to help my daughter with her severe cystic acne. ... (10 replies)
Apr 3, 2001
... thanks for ur last reply...hwoever, u still didnt answer one question... when u say cystic acne, u mean deep cysts under the skin, that were red and didnt come to a head? ... (0 replies)
... Never, never, never use scrubs. We obviously suffer the same kind of acne...little plugs or pustules that can be covered with makeup, but feel like sandpaper to the touch. The scrubs only aggravate. I get the bumbs from BP as well. Hence the disaster I described in my message. ... (30 replies)
... This is my first post on here. I just registered and got my account. I am hoping that the experience of the users here might help me evaluate my acne. ... (12 replies)
Tired of the pain
Jun 14, 2004
... Hanna we understand what youre feeling cause we all feel that way at one time or another.Im 47 and a female i might not have acne as bad as some on this board ,but i know what you mean about feeling ashamed of the way you look. ... (11 replies)
... persistant acne. Went on accutane back in October 2002. Finished accutane course near the end of April 2003. Took 40mg a day for 7 months basically...... ... (9 replies)
Red spots help
Apr 3, 2003
... I don't have acne real bad but when i do break out i get the real big dark red ones. ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like your on the road to deep scarring, and not just red scars. Cysts when popped cause scabs, a picker picks thes scabs which causes deep scarrring and not just red scars. ... (45 replies)
What's the Reason?
Feb 27, 2005
... To answer your question there at the end... Yes, I have cleared up. All that's left are these red marks and some scarring left over from the years I've had it... I think it's been about 5 or 6 years or so.. with some pretty rough months where it borke out, BIG. Sometimes it hurt so much I'd cry... ... (12 replies)
Cystic acne?
Jul 26, 2004
... because recently i've gotten more acne along my jawline, and a couple of them are definitely bumps under the skin that can't be popped and aren't whiteheads, and they leave a red mark, but they don't hurt and arent taht big. ... (8 replies)
Adults with acne?
Apr 19, 2005
... I am a 34 year old female. I have had two courses of Accutane, with the last course being about five years ago. ... (32 replies)
Mar 18, 2003
... i get theese white marks looks like a littel white dot under my skin. they stay there for a while then they become red and form a big swollen zit. I guess it is the oil under the skin. can anyone tell me what these are called and how i could stop them from forming. thanx B. ... (0 replies)
... I never had acne until I turned 28. I think I had one pimple in high school but that was it. No blackheads, whiteheads, or big honkers. ... (19 replies)
... Tootles is also right about working the oil into the skin. ... (8 replies)
... Nope Infinity you can't justify this argument by telling me that sunlight is the same thing as light therapy. I did a search on light therapy just for the hell of it to see what you were talking about. There is a BIG difference between "light therapy" and the sunlight emmitted from the sun. ... (8 replies)
... I have the same problem, I rarely get pimples anywhere else except my chin. ... (6 replies)
... I dun why you 2 are getting made at me for ventting on a ACNE MESSAGE board....I mean this zit I had last night was huge....swollen red all around was gross....I would have easily rather have had 5 6 little guys than one big monster.... ... (29 replies)

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