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... days ago. the cause of it is unknown... it just appeared there randomly one day and it won't go away. I tried to run it under warm water and use a warm rag on it and that won't work.. i wash my face 2 times a day and thats not working either. I haven't touched it at all either and i refuse to because it hurts so bad!!! ... (1 replies)
... starting on the side of my nose about 2 weeks ago..I was so happy when it finally started disappearing! Now I have a very large bump on my chin. My face is really clear so it makes it very noticable, and it hurts. It's very red and getting bigger. ... (4 replies)
... Hi guys, this is my first and possibly only post on these forums. I just came here really to see if someone could tell me what they think this bump on my face is. One more thing, I do get pimples quite often. ... (1 replies)

... depending on how many spots there are to treat. The shots don't "remove" the cyst, they merely shrink them down to a size that the body can disolve on it's own. ... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone...I hope you don't mind me sharing my story and hopefully someone can give me some advice. I just turned 40 and just in the last year have started getting acne. At least I think it's acne. ... (1 replies)
... Okay well i still have the big red bump thing. it is not hard like a cyst, it may be one though. it made some of my face actually swollen. I applied the corisone and it went down,and i get see the little head it came to. DO i push on this or just keep applying the topicals? ... (3 replies)
... Hi im a 22 year old male and Ive had acne since i was in highschool. My parents had acne. My dad has big holes on the side of his cheeks as a result, and my mom has small holes on the side of her face but you can hardly tell. ... (2 replies)
... with sterile needle and tried to leave everything alone. I started this a couple of weeks after going off retin a which was a nightmare for me literally causing my face to breakout. ... (4 replies)
... Last night I had a big bumpy pimple. You know the ones you try to pop but can't. The ones that hurt and usually stick around for quite a while. Well, I tried my hardest to pop it and finally got a little out of it. ... (2 replies)
My Experience
Mar 2, 2002
... om acne since I was 13 years old, and now I am 16. I know that 3 years is nothing compared to some of you, but I can still relate to some extent. Before the acne my skin was somewhat sensitive, but nothing unusual. I noticed a small bump on my chin one day when I was 13 years old. ... (10 replies)
... or chew on a sprig of parsley. ... (30 replies)
... oh and I did this thing the other day... as I was applying my azelaic acid, I put little dabs on all my red marks before I rubbed it in, and I loved how my skin looked! Oh and there were 50 that I counted. ... (33 replies)
... My face was almost clear except for a small, sore red bump on my cheek. Last week I had a zit in that same spot so at first I thought it was just a scar. However, when I touched it, it hurt. ... (4 replies)
... depressant you could name before I finally "won," my fight with it. ... (7 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Apr 28, 2004
... but my healing time on things still wasn't great. ... (342 replies)
... well i know i been flooding this forum recently and im sorry but i just was pickin at a big painful zit on my face between cheek and nose and it finally popped but now its huge and very red all over and pussin and i know its gross but i dunno what to do, please what shoul;d i do???????? it was like a big big bump under the skin thta did really have a head or anythin (7 replies)
Old Cysts
Feb 28, 2004
... ut again until your pores rid them and if you can do it right you will reduce the scarrs. Use something gentle so you do not cause irritation and spread them. In my opinion your case is not bad therfore I would not use a Doc's script they too are harsh. ... (1 replies)
... my cysts are waaaaaaay bigger on accutane than anything i've had before ever! but they're only on my jaw for some reason. i have wicked bad red marks still, even though the cysts now, are gone. ... (25 replies)
... I was lying in bed last night only to notice that when I was turning over to go to sleep I felt this hugh bump on my back, it felt as if I was lying on a bruise anyway I got up to check it only to find that its a red lump. ... (3 replies)
... she can give you a cortizone injection on the cysts. ... (17 replies)

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