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... treatments about a horrible zit on my nose. ... (0 replies)
Oct 24, 2003
... I have a proble,big one.I'm about to have an interview on monday with a company that i would give everything to be working at.Anyways i scored an interview today for monday. ... (6 replies)
... is on a good day. PLus I gotta deal with the old red spots left over from acne. ... (18 replies)

The best zit ever
Jun 28, 2006
... deep beneath the surface in its usual area between the chin and corner of the lower lip. I resolved to leave it alone, and did, and it slowly became just a pesky zit that wasn't very noticeable. ... (6 replies)
... c I was so impatient...yes, the swelling went down for the time being, but the red marks are STILL on my face. And that was nearly TWO years ago! AGH! I regret popping those zits nearly everyday. It is NOT worth one night. Trust me. ... (15 replies)
... concealer works well. what i do when i get a big zit is put foundation on my whole face, or where it's needed to even out the skin tone, then thinly put concealer on to the spot until its covered. ... (6 replies)
... white bumps that are surrounded by a lot of redness. My face is already red from being really sensitive to the extreme cold in my area right now, because im on accutane. Anyway, when they form I'll feel a little itchy in one spot, then like 30 seconds later a small bump will form. ... (6 replies)
... well i know i been flooding this forum recently and im sorry but i just was pickin at a big painful zit on my face between cheek and nose and it finally popped but now its huge and very red all over and pussin and i know its gross but i dunno what to do, please what shoul;d i do???????? it was like a big big bump under the skin thta did really have a head or anythin (7 replies)
Darn cyst!
Jan 23, 2008
... I've had this big red cyst on the very tip of my nose and i've been very patient with it.. ... (9 replies)
... off and on for years. Usually 1 or 2 cysts which eventually go away. I use Retin A regularly and that seems keep things under control. ... (2 replies)
Adult Acne
Dec 25, 2004
... I wrote about my experiences on a "Murad" thread, but I'll share again here. ... (73 replies)
... mostly on or near my chin. But my main type of zit are the big, red painful ones that you feel coming on before they get to be their ugliest. My face isn't covered with them, but one of these usually ranges in size from a pencil eraser to a dime, so they take up a lot of room and look really angry. ... (6 replies)
... Ok it sounds odd but i hear soooo many people talking on here about how they get 1 big zit on their nose or a few little blackheads on their nose or forehead and to me it doesnt sound like acne just a few pimples. ... (14 replies)
Sage updates?
Jul 10, 2002
... i ordered zit zapper in my reorder and got MZZ is that basically the same,,and miracle that better then fix zit..what is the big difference...and does anyone else notice that the mssr isnt really working..think it works best for only 1 type of skin..... ... (10 replies)
... This is what i do, to me a white zit looks far worse than a little red scab that will be gone in a day. ... (5 replies)
... How true all of this is, obsessing and focusing on acne only makes it SO much worse. Up until the age of 27, I never owned a special facial soap. ... (8 replies)
... I was about 10 I suferend from acne. It was AWFUL. Oily skin and everyday Id wake up with zits. Terribly...The thing about my skin is that when I have a zit, the red mark doesnt go away. People on here say it takes a while, but mine where litterly there for about 8 years...and still never faded. ... (1 replies)
... Yep you read right there is now a big chunk out of my cheeek all thanks to a stupid zit I didnt leave alone! I have been through hell for the past 9 months with cysts because of diane35. You can imagine the marks I have left. ... (3 replies)
... g glands which leads to less production of oil, which then leads to less acne. My skin feels perfect. It has just the right amount of oil but not too much and is on the dry side so that I need to use moisturizer. ... (20 replies)
Kiss My Face
Jun 3, 2003
... it's a yellow soap in a red box. ... (3 replies)

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