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... y given time. By the time I decided to try The Acne Cure, i was having some kind of cyst problem every day, no matter the time of the month. There was always one big active one on my face, one on the way out, and another on the way in. Sometimes i would feel more than one on the way. ... (5 replies)
... The pizza... I'm not quite sure to be honest. It probably didn't help. Last night before I went to sleep I noticed a few more zits but that could have just been a bad day type thing. ... (8 replies)
... ty. I had super low self esteem and marks dropped big time. I went to an acne clinic and the doctoc prescribed Retina A, Antibiotics, and Cetaphil cleanser. ... (3 replies)

... It seems like i am getting lots of these tiny zits i've never gotten before, half of them are just lots and lots of indentations like tiny bubbles on the skin. ... (0 replies)
... from the mirror and wonder what I'd done. Those marks were not easy to cover. It was a zit, but I had done damage to the surrounding tissue and I would have a big scab. Makeup couldn't hide a crusty, scabby zit. But I tried. And I know it looked like hell. ... (6 replies)
Dec 11, 2000
... so and by nightime I could feel all the new zits forming underneath the surface. But now, I don't have that problem. I can go through a day without worrying about the new zits! That for me is a big relief. ... (78 replies)
... Never SQUEEZE your zits on your face! If you just have to pop them, gently apply pressure at the base of the zit. If nothing pops, then BACK OFF!!!! ... (71 replies)
... She's complaining about the zits forming because it is not a sign of progress, remember zits are not a good thing and they are not your friends. ... (199 replies)
... I am a 17 year old male. I have had acne since I was around 14. It started as a few zits and is now in a worsened state. ... (0 replies)
... and I'm not really sure if it will ever go away. But, for me, i'd take redness over painful zits anyday. ... (14 replies)
... ve not had a picking spree for over 4 months. I used to PICK EVERY LITTLE BUMP EVERY NIGHT. I was scabby and gross for years. Ok but I am getting into these huge zits that HURT and have a huge head and start to ooze out after a shower or washing. ... (1 replies)
What do you think?
Apr 30, 2003
... Well, my acne got real bad for the first time last summer, before that I'd just have a few zits at a time. It was mainly cystic and mainly located below my jaw lines on each side. ... (0 replies)
... or me to not be so friggin paranoid about it in public. Yes, I still get zits, and yes they still bother me, but do I stay home now instead of go out if I have a big zit? ... (0 replies)
Dating and acne?
May 31, 2006
... I think people with acne or consistent breakouts always notice their zits and other people's zits a lot more than anyone else does. This was always the case with my girlfriend. ... (7 replies)
... Well, it all started ten days ago. I was getting one of those HUGE enormous under the skin zits right smack in the middle of my forehead. It was very painful so I held some warm washcloths on it trying to bring it to the surface. ... (0 replies)
... especially the sides of my chin. I was wondering if it was all the crap in my pores trying to get out. I daren't squeeze them because I know I will just get huge zits and I already have enough around my chin. ... (2 replies)
... activ about 3 weeks seemed to be working alright. It was bringing out the small zits that had been bugging me and clearing them up, and my skin was not dry at all. ... (3 replies)
... d acne mainly all the time. I have these weird bumps that are kind of white and black or a mix or just single colored. They are literally bumps, not like reguler zits that are easy to get rid of. I mean they look like white heads except they are quite da.. hard and I don't want to just squeeze hard to take them away. ... (0 replies)
... if your hair is falling out at one month of the course that is bad news and if you continue you are risking big time to be bald sooner that what you are supposed to be. ... (10 replies)
B5 worries
Sep 13, 2003
... I had a big breakout after about 3 weeks of taking it and I thought that would be the last but it wasn't. Right now I'm in the middle of one. I have 8 new zits on my chin and they are so painful. ... (5 replies)

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