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... hey i hope someone will pray for me. I also have a BIG event coming up in 11 days dream holiday to florida is coming up. ... (9 replies)
... ok... i'm a sophomore at high school and i have moderate acne and at this time, i had 4 big zits on my face.... it was lunch and i was playing cards with my friends... ... (2 replies)
... g to work for me anymore. I've used pretty much everything over the counter, that expensive ProActiv Solution, and prescription Differin gel. I had a total of 5 big new zits pop up just yesterday and they hurt like hell! I had 2 more come just while I was sleeping. I look terrible right now and I don't know why. ... (12 replies)

B5 questions
Mar 30, 2001
... as for the pot smoking, i smoke it about once a week,, and whenever i do, i always come home with at least one new big zit, last night i came home with 3 big zits it was terrible, it might also be cause i chain smoke when i high but still i think it does do something, unless you smoke it ona regular basis, because then you're body probably becomes used to it (5 replies)
Acne in Ears!
Feb 20, 2001
... This is new for me, but I just acquired 2 big zits in the ears! One in each ear, they look like big purple marks. How would you treat those? ... (6 replies)
... After a gruesome course of Accutane, I was still getting big zits and cysts in my cheekbone area. ... (20 replies)
... Yes, I remember breaking out during my first 2 months...I especially remember that I got a big annoying zit along my jawline, but it eventually healed. ... (10 replies)
Dec 21, 2006
... I never really had "bad" acne.. but once pms kicked in I would get like 7 big zits pop out and maybe a little cluster of small white heads. ... (11 replies)
Butt Acne?? What??
Oct 23, 2006
... there is always at least 2 big zits, and a couple pimples. i wear cotton underwear, i shower, so i dont know what the deal is. It is embarassing. ... (3 replies)
Hormonal acne
Oct 15, 2006
... I get big zits during my period and they seem to get smaller but never disappear during the rest of the month. ... (4 replies)
... This was such a big issue to my esteem that I really want to share it with others. Acne is no longer keeping me from showing my face and doing the things I love. ... (1 replies)
... Well, an update here!!! The hubby actually brought it up last night that he is definately going to mention the issue to his doctor. He's tired of feeling "ugly", as he put it. He wants to discuss his diet and ways to change it.. I hope that they can figure something out and get him back on track so that he can get his self-esteem back again. It's so hard watching someone... (21 replies)
Hey Boston Girl!!
Mar 29, 2006
... I dunno... I think its a combo of both. I know the moisterizer makes me face feel soooooo soft. Another thing is... even though I never got big zits there the bigger pores on my nose would always get clogged. it was only noticeable up close. ... (48 replies)
... nsiderable deal. For the ladies, you will be impressed with their makeup. It's very comfortable to wear and looks very natural. My skin is now much smoother, and big zits are only an occasional problem now. I still have lots of bumps along my jawline but these can be well concealed with their makeup. ... (1 replies)
Messed Up Big Time
Sep 15, 2005
... I know it's hard not to mess with those zits that are right out on the front of your face. I do it too. I did it this a.m. And all it did was come right back!!! ... (2 replies)
... e a truck at construction sites but I doubt fall into a "typical trucker profile". Since I started getting acne at age 16 I take 2 to 3 showers per day. I'm very big on hygene. ... (12 replies)
... I ALWAYS get at least 3 to 4 pretty big zits on my cheeks/chin/jawline about a week or so before my period is going to start. I know many people who have said birth control helps but I really don't want to go on that. I've also heard that taking things like Antibiotics can help with this also but they make me sick. So is there any natural vitamins or anything that you girls... (2 replies)
... your makeup on! Trust me it makes a big difference. Your skin heals itself while you sleep. Having the makeup on all night doesn't allow it to breathe. What other topicals have you tried? ... (12 replies)
... i know how hard it is to leave those big honkers alone, and sometimes the smaller ones are even harder, cuz they just beg for it, but it really is better to just leave them be. ... (6 replies)
... kin cleared up. Even during my period my skin stays clear, which is a miracle for me. Back in November my skin was so bad. My jawline was literally covered in big zits and someone even asked it I was contagious. It was so embarrassing. Now I hardly wear makeup anymore. I hope this helps someone. ... (14 replies)

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