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Apr 3, 2005
... for BREAKFAST I've been eating: slow cooked oatmeal( not the instant kind the one that's just oatmeal, not powdered) mixed with flax seed meal and raisins an dblueberries, followed by 3 slices of cantaloupe( ok so I eat a lot but hey my metabolism can take it I'm as skinny as a stick LoL) drink tons of water too and take my vitamins borage seed oil and alpha lipoc acid with... (2 replies)
... natly I dont drink. I dunno its so crazy that a regulated Dermotology book would say that diet has nothing to do with it. And that they never took the time to do good research on it. ... (24 replies)
... i'm telling you guys, this stuff is good for everything. ... (14 replies)

Quiting B5
Nov 15, 2004
... lease stick with it, and stop worrying about your face so much. Its made me feel a lot better about myself, and helped with my social anxiety which came when the acne did. Gotta ride out the storm, 2 months at the minimum, of high dosage. ... (2 replies)
... okay...I went to my local pharmacist and asked if he could reccomend any good vitamins for the skin..he could obviously see from my still healing scars on my face I had acne...he says "hold on, I'll be right back" and goes to the back... ... (2 replies)
How safe is b5?
Jan 11, 2001
... you say zinc orotate, zinc gluconate, or that OptiZinc stuff are the best forms of zinc so do you think it would be good to stop this multivitamin stuff and buy my vitamins seperate so i get the right amount of each thing? ... (26 replies)
... Hi Mike: Here's what I take every day (and I break it into 2 - one with breakfast and one with dinner): Milk Thistle - 1000 mg. - 2 Zinc - 50 mg. - 1 Magnesium - 250 mg. - 1 Vitamin E - 400 IU - 1 Green Tea - 600 mg. - 2 Vitamin C - 1000 mg. - 1 Niacinamide - 1000 mg. - 1 BetaCarotene - 25,000 IU - 10 or 12 LiverRite - 2 (39 replies)
... Hey, I just wanted to clarify, and this is an easy mistake, much like one I just made myself... Beta Carotene is a form of Vitamin A, not vitamin B. http://en.********/Carotene Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B6 (Pyridoxine), and Biotin are all supposed to be good for the skin, but beware of bread products that are "enriched" and have these added to it, it... (2 replies)
... plus, i only have acne on my face...only on my chin...i get the odd little one on my forehead or something...nothing really worried about the initial breakout... ... (2 replies)
This is amazing
Nov 21, 2005
... My skin has improved, but I didnt eat so great yesterday and my skin doesnt look as good as it did. So I think eating poorly has something to do with my skin looking bad. ... (27 replies)
... it hasnt helped my acne too much, but my complexion is splendtacular. ... (40 replies)
Instead of B5
Jun 16, 2004
... complex everyday. Oil still continued. So now i use acne bar made my clearasil which dries my face a lot, and i don't moisturize anymore and my face is looking we'll see how it for b5.. ... (35 replies)
Apr 14, 2004
... Take Biotin with every dose of B5. Take a Bcomplex once a day. Drink Water. Give it Time. ... (11 replies)
... Can B5 and Biotin without the B Complex do enough to eliminate the acne? ... (3 replies)
... i've now gone over two months without sugars, wheat or dairy. continuously getting better. recently upped my b5 dosage to 8g's a day, and taking much more biotin as well. ... (12 replies)
Mar 28, 2004
... along with a lot of vitamins...etc that are good for healing acne sufferers. ... (23 replies)
This works for me.
Mar 15, 2004
... Please keep us updated on how this works! (65 replies)
This works for me.
Mar 14, 2004
... but it seems to be pretty good for acne. ... (65 replies)
... drier complexion is staying for good ! ... (20 replies)
... take Biotin with your B5. ... (10 replies)

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