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... excellent for immune system...if you take it when you're sick, or getting sick it helps make more antibodies so they can fight bacteria...disease... ... (3 replies)
This works for me.
Mar 15, 2004
... Please keep us updated on how this works! (65 replies)
This works for me.
Mar 14, 2004
... but it seems to be pretty good for acne. ... (65 replies)

... Foods high in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Biotin, etc. Green, leafy plants... stuff with low iodine content... (3 replies)
... I heard its a really good whole food vitamin.. ... (4 replies)
... So i have been doing alot of research on these boards and have decided to try the vitamin approach as i am so sick of putting harsh chemicals on my face. My acne is not too bad...mild at times...and moderate at times...but like everyone i will not be satisfied until i have perfectly clear skin. ... (2 replies)
... I heard it needs to. I just don't understand why this would happen to me when I went on SUCH A LOW DOSAGE for ONLY 4 months. That is not long at all! ... (7 replies)
... l. I would also use a product called TOTAL EFA by a company called health from the sun. I know I may sound like I psycho but I was taking like 1 spoon every hour for like 2 months that I was on vacation. Don't worry your not a gross person, just think positive because being upset won't help. ... (7 replies)
... i'm telling you guys, this stuff is good for everything. ... (14 replies)
... I used to megadose B5 to control my acne and oily skin. I was on it off and on for around 4 years and found it to be very good, so good in fact that I'd go as far as to call it a cure as it completely stopped my sebum production on my skin. ... (11 replies)
... The initial breakout period is different for everyone. Most people will get the breakout in a certain area of your body. It will not last. B5 helps your body eliminate toxins. ... (67 replies)
Mar 7, 2004
... of people who give it a real chance. For some people acne is more than over active oil glands. However for the rest of us B5 will work. It will control the amount of oil your body produces. Less oil, means less chance of acne. ... (16 replies)
... ran out of Biotin. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Pantothenic Acid both compete for binding sites with biotin, ALA being the bigger player against biotin at daily doses. SO i ordered biotin online but pulled the ALA out of my stack. Now my face is hammered. ... (7 replies)
... acne part, well yeah it's possible. A major testosterone increase is absolutely synonymous with sex. The problem here for those of you that have found that you only breakout after sex or that it gets worse after sex, may be that you are deficient in something. ... (25 replies)
... yea acne is rediculous like that, the only way we can find a cure is to guinea pig ourselves.... ... (98 replies)
... if you take this you'll also need to take 1mg of biotin for every gram of b5, because biotin helps the metabolism of this. also take a b50 complex once daily, because b5 will cause difficiency in other b vitamins. ... (11 replies)
... Its good you posted this, so people know about this. ... (4 replies)
... Well the Biotin arrived and I've been taking 5000mcg a day for the past few days along with the megadose of B5. ... (40 replies)
... hey! first of all congrats and good luck on accutane! ... (2 replies)
... ors can be so bull headed, i have gone through the same thing with mine. i hope you get treated better at the gyno. and maybe some better solutions, BCPs do help acne for alot of people, and i am all for that, but the problem i have is once you stop taking them, your acne can come back worse. ... (5 replies)

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