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... Ortho-Tricyclen is one many Dr's recommend for acne. Personally I found it too strong for me though, actually broke out worse on it, and switched to Ortho-Tricyclen-Lo. My friend who is a nurse in an OB-GYN practice said that Ortho-Tricyclen is the only one "recognized" for treationg acne, though I have heard otherwise on this board. (6 replies)
... I started taking Zovia for birth control about a month an a half ago. However, it's making me break out so bad. I have acne all over my back now. It hurts. My question is, what types of birth control pills are supposed to help acne? ... (6 replies)
... lo has such a low horomone level that it was auctually making me break i got back on ortho novum and hoping it will clear up. it's still not completely clear, but doing lots better. ... (15 replies)

... My dermo says to give it 5 months. But if a pill is making me break out, I don't stick with it longer than 2 :) (7 replies)
... omg that is exactly how i was too!!! right now im on accutane and they put me on seasonale so im not sure if the seasonale is making me break out b/c the accutane is supposed to ya know.... i hate it though cuz BC is supposed to clear up ur skin and it actually made mine worse! (18 replies)
... the birth control made me vomit the first day and I've had a migrane since. Could I just be going through hormonal changes making me break out again? ... (0 replies)
... tricyclen and that was cool but then she broke out in month 2 and it got worse and worse until she quit in month 4 when she started accutane. It got really bad. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 33 yr old female and starting around December 2011, I started having horrendous acne. It started with breaking out along my chin and jaw line and was so bad with cysts and red welts. ... (3 replies)
... cyclen was probably one of the things that was making me break out. She said that estrostep and yasmin were the two best for acne. I don't have really bad acne. I guess that you could call it mild. ... (7 replies)
After accutane
Jul 17, 2005
... and have been on them continuously, I have never taken a break from them in fear that it will make me break out! ... (27 replies)
... frequency of cysts and other blemishes. I also used a sample of Vaniqua on my upper lip that made me break out horribly there. ... (1 replies)
Jan 27, 2003
... T off, I continually gained weight every time I went on a pill. And not just 2 or 4 pounds here, but on average 5 pounds EVERY MONTH with no let up. I remember making a remark to the nurse about this and her response was "It's not the pill honey, it's what your putting in your mouth". ... (13 replies)
Jan 25, 2003
... I have heard that if one is on a healthy diet and exercises regularly, no birth control pill will make you gain weight. It will make you retain water only. ... (13 replies)
Acne Ruined Me
Dec 27, 2014
... c pills really can help. It helped me for many years. Being that I was on them for over 20 years, I had to take a break. Unfortunately, that caused my acne to come back. ... (3 replies)
... hi i posted before but hadn't had the internet awhile. whats been going on now is making me so depressed. ... (28 replies)
Acne Ruined Me
Dec 27, 2014
... n you could ever imagine I take such great care of myself and I just don't get why I have acne. I workout every single day and I don't party at all. I used to go out every day and be with friends but over time my skin has made me push away from literally everyone in my life. My friends, classmates, parents. ... (3 replies)
... I doubt that my derm will prescribe me Accutane a third time if I don't have acne at the time, but dont' want to risk a breakout. WHAT SHOULD I DO? ... (4 replies)
... tricyclen awhile ago, and i never gained any weight while i was on it, but it was a big mistake for me. it made me break out a lot worse. ... (12 replies)
... This is my first post on here. I just registered and got my account. I am hoping that the experience of the users here might help me evaluate my acne. ... (12 replies)
... Well, thats where the problem is. Seasonale cleared me up but gave me other stomach problems, Nuva Ring gave me cystic acne that made me depressed. So I switched to Yasmin. ... (0 replies)

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