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... Damn ... I gotta see see a derm about a blackhead on my cheek that keeps on getting infected, and won't heal. ... (3 replies)
... A few minutes ago, I was attempting to get some stuff out of a cyst that's been on my nose for two weeks - it's in that stage where it's no longer painful and is semi-easy to pop...Don't yell at me for doing's been on my nose for SO long and I couldn't resist!! Anyway, I was looking in the mirror and very close to the small hole where stuff was coming out, I... (1 replies)
... I wash with phisoderm wash with salysic acid, then neutrogena moistrurizer with retinol. I alternate that wash with Neutrogena blackhead scrub. ... (4 replies)

... hey there, here are some terms that i found of a website that i am not permitted to mention because of the rules on this message board. just go to any search engine and type "acne" or "acne types" and you will find tones on info. good luck with your treatment! Comedonal acne: Acne characterized by whiteheads and blackheads, without other forms of skin lesions. ... (2 replies)
... After reading a lot about microdermabrasion cloths doing wonders for post-acne red marks, I purchased a set of 2 for $10 on Ebay...the seller (Stan...something) said that it was the "Original" so I figured it would be worth a shot. For anyone who has tried the cloths, do they help existing acne as well as scars? Also, do they cause any type of initial breakout? The... (0 replies)
... relate to this...what I found works is spot treating with Renova.. it will either soften them up so it can actually be squeezed out and will look like oil from a blackhead sort of.. you will know by just a little squeezing.. don't go crazy, you'll just irritate it. If it won't come out, leave it alone!!!! ... (8 replies)
... The most cyst I have ever had on my face was seven and all of them were on my jawline. ... (24 replies)
My TCA Peel Diary
Nov 26, 2002
... t least touch up the area where my huge inflamed pimple was. He said that we do need to get rid of that. What he wants to get rid of is a mole that gets a huge cyst underneath it and flares up very large. ... (81 replies)
Spot treating?
Jul 25, 2003
... breakfast place. Well of course a nice little cyst formed right under my eye about 3 days ago. ... (4 replies)
... old cyst on my chin. I know, 2 zits is nothing to complain about, but I feel so close to perfect skin it's annoying. ... (12 replies)
... cyst but more like infected blackhead below the skin. ... (7 replies)
... My "needle job" really yielded no positive results. The last time she did this to me, I had a hard knot below the skin on my forehead. I dont think it was a cyst but more like infected blackhead below the skin. ... (7 replies)
... Gimpy, sounds like maybe its a cyst instead of a blackhead since it keeps reforming after you pop it. ... (20 replies)
How to clear acne
Sep 12, 2005
... Okay, I have a very sincere question and in no way am I trying to discredit anyone - I really do want to see if anyone can answer this though - After I finished my first course of Accutane, I ate like a cow (sugars galore, pizza, dairy, Starbucks, you name it!) slept in my makeup, washed my face with just water, etc... and I didn't get a single cyst, pimple, blackhead, clogged... (23 replies)
... Yeah..I can barely wash my face right now. Ive got a cyst at each point. Each cheekbone, my chin, and my forehead. Lovely. ... (96 replies)
Opening pores...
Dec 22, 2004
... My acne has settled down recently, but I still tend to get occasional large almost cyst like pimples along my jawline and even forehead. It feels like I'm not exfoliating or getting my pores open to clean them. ... (1 replies)
... okay, so I am trying to figure out what kind of acne this is, and the best way to treat it. It is not the red kind, the painful kind, the blackhead kind, the white-head kind, not a cyst. It is flesh colored bump-(this is gross, sorry) but when you squeeze them, you get the same white crap. Sometimes it is hard, other times it kinda squirts, it can be clear. It is like a... (8 replies)
... Hello Im interested in this bcp-yasmin your talkin about. 1st off, what kind of acne to you all have? I have moderate (that gets bad sometimes but not severe) acne that is mostly cystic, like the big swolen ones that you can pop sometimes and sometimes not. I dont have a blackhead problem, I get them on my face (Tzone primarily) back and some on my chest. It varies, Im 23 how... (7 replies)
New book on acne
Oct 26, 2003
... ually when I've cheated on my diet, and they are never as severe as they used to be and they go away faster. When I do breakout, it's usually either an enlarged blackhead or a papule. I get the very occassional pustule. ... (8 replies)
... like it had others, but honestly, even my pores look more clogged. i cant think of anything else that could be causing my cysts, but id much rather live with my blackhead i had before than deal with these painful things. ... (0 replies)

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