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... I suddenly have whiteheads and blackheads all over my face gradually growing in a week. They are all over my forehead, both side of my face and on my nose. ... (3 replies)
... Make sure you are keeping things that touch your face clean. Your hands, your cell phone and your pillow cases. Bacteria live on all surfaces and if you are putting a dirty cell phone up to your face you are transferring bacteria on to your skin. ... (3 replies)
... what's the best thing for those little blackheads on ur nose and chin? ... (3 replies)

... hey, i just posted a thread about this... i have the same thing on my face but i didn't do ANY steaming! ... (6 replies)
... They can put you on a low dose antibiotic to help clear it up that's what we did for my son. Keep your hands off your face too during the day. ... (3 replies)
... h blackheads. When I was about 13, I fell off my bike and onto pavement, and quite a bit of skin came off my nose. I never cleaned it out properly, and there are blackheads covering basically my whole nose. I need to get rid of them fast, probably within the month. ... (3 replies)
... I'm 21 years old, and I've had large blackheads all over my nose since I was about 12. I wash my face twice a day and exfoliate regularly, but the blackheads have never gone away. ... (3 replies)
SO many blackheads
Jul 10, 2006
... Ok, I don't know if it's the heat or what.... but I have so many little blackheads all over my face. ... (1 replies)
... The best thing to do for acne and blackheads is keep your skin clean without overstripping it. ... (1 replies)
Apr 16, 2002
... when i started getting acne and all these other bad skin problems in my 20's, I got blackheads all over my nose. every pore to where it meets my face. ... (11 replies)
Apr 16, 2002
... I've used St. Ives Apriot Scrub for years and I still have blackheads all over my nose, but you can try it if you want. I guess that it might work for some people! You can get it at any drug store, it's a common brand name...St. ... (11 replies)
... hey i use to have alot of blackheads all over my face especially on my cheeks, nose and forehead i have been using differin gel and it really helps lessen them the only place i still get is on my nose because i hardly use the differin there so i just squeeze them out when i c them hope this helps u (3 replies)
... I have skin coloured bumps all over my forehead, i'm pretty sure that they are not pimples, blackheads or anything. But i'm not sure if they are clogged pores. How do i get rid of them ...? ... (1 replies)
... So, what did you end up doing? Spiro for me after 6 years, at 200mg (AND BC or 3), didn't clear my back or face, but I guess that's because I produce a lot of Testosterone. Dietary changes helped get my skin at 99% clear and the Spiro helps with the hirsutism. However, I really hope that they work for you. =) (10 replies)
... Thank you. I'm trying to look for good toners with salacyclic acid and also an oil free moisturizer. I have not been using a moisturizer as I'm afraid that it will cause me pimples that I had before. (3 replies)
SO many blackheads
Jul 10, 2006
... To rid or lessen blackheads firstly I use milk after I cleanse. So after you use your Cleanser...put some full cream milk in a cup, you only need a few splashes worth. ... (1 replies)
Taking Accutane
Dec 19, 2004
... Thanks for advice about bleaching arms, that was my question. OMG i got tons of blackheads all over my nose too! They are still there, so I hope they go away. It is weird because I have never really had black heads before. ... (83 replies)
... Well, I have never used Accutane but I am on Tazorac and Duac Gel and I find the combination amazing! I have been on the combination for about 3 weeks now and my face is just about clear!! Only a few blackheads left and for the first time in my life, my face will be clear! ... (11 replies)
... ok here is my deal,i am 24 years old and had severe acne all my life. i have regular zits,blackheads,whiteheads,small hard ball type things under my skin,cysts... ... (17 replies)
... activ. retin a was hell for me and I broke out the whole time. I still have some nasty zits coming out that I didn't before the retin a. But they are crusting over and will probably leave red spots not pitted scarring so lucky for me. ... (3 replies)

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