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Blackhead holes...
Jul 26, 2006
... cheek area from popping blackheads when I was too stupid to know better. I even have several large ones. Unfortunately, these holes are there for good. ... (8 replies)
... ingredients to stay away from that could increase pigmentation and makes suggestions on what to use. I found it a little confusing as both people with dark skin and pale, but blotchy or freckly skin in together. But others rave. ... (11 replies)
... I used 4 squirts of camellia oil on my wet face right after washing it. After about an hour I rubbed my face and blackheads were popping out of my skin! ... (8 replies)

My story.
Jun 2, 2005
... ts have just made my face worse. I can tell you benzoyl peroxide has literally ruined my face for now. My face is red, literally red. And it's so oily and I have blackheads all over my face.. Also I have the worse acne around my chin now. I breakout ever day and I have these little white dots on my not whiteheads... ... (15 replies)
... Yeah that stuff really works. I use to put it on my back and chest when i had acne there. ... (11 replies)
... It has been about two months since i started not using soap on my body and face. I had acne on my back and chest, and along my neck and jawline. Acne takes a long time to heal once its developed, and all my marks are slowly healing. ... (6 replies)
Tazorac Tales
Apr 30, 2003
... Hey Emma! I just got a few little surface pimples on my chin that are almost gone now. It was no big deal. ... (23 replies)
... st last 6 months the acne on my face is very minimal maybe small ones here or there i might get the big one on my face once in a while but for the most part none on my face but my forehead still gets a lot of blackheads and pimples could i still be going thru puberty but the last stages of it ? ... (3 replies)
... Basically, my face is great! No pimples as such, just a few remaining blackheads or comedones. ... (40 replies)
... I'm new to the board and thought i'd document my ups and downs with the drug for those of you who are thinking about going on it. It would have helped if i had that! ... (4 replies)
... Today is day 27. I am doing much better. I am not getting any new big pimples. I am just getting little tiny ones and they usually go away fast. My chest is almost completley clear except for what is left over from my obsessive picking from before I started the tane, my back is the same as my chest... ... (68 replies)
... I went for my first appointment with my Derm on Friday. My face is mild, but my back and chest are a mess. Blackheads and some cysts all over my chest and cysts all over my back. I cant wear my backpack and if a friend taps me on the shoulder I scream in pain. ... (6 replies)
... Mild acne can appear as whiteheads and blackheads or even pimples. If you have moderate acne, you will see more pimples and pustules on your face, and possibly on your chest or back. ... (7 replies)
Jun 19, 2003
... most of my acne used to be on my back and chest (my face is basically clear) right now im gonna start acctune for chest because i have a lot of blackheads there my back has been pretty clear for the past few months but i've got pretty extensive hyperpigmentation (Im African-American by the way) im wondering, is it going to heal on its own and go back to its original... (5 replies)
... plus tiny masses of bumps along with blackheads to those hard oil plugs. It sounds so gross, which was exactly how I felt for 10 years... Like some gross freak of nature! None of my friends had it!! ... (6 replies)
... here's a more technical one. keep in mind though, that not everyone will fall into a specific category. i, for example, had cystic acne, but only on my face, and not as many cysts as some people have. ... (3 replies)
... I was having major pimples on my chest, back, and face...little under the skin ones...I was using differin, purpose, ect ect...nothing worked.. ... (3 replies)
May 5, 2001
... pimples on my face all the time, and they're usually not huge. I get little ones on my chest, and some on my back. Also, do topicals work on the chest and back? ... (3 replies)
Nothing works!!!
Sep 24, 2011
... Anyway, I digress. On top of that I have tried face masks, toners, all the branded spot treatments that you see on tv, you name it. I've tried using nose strips too because I have terrible black heads all over my nose and I cannot get rid of them. ... (12 replies)
... months. He was 17, 195 lbs. 6'7" and had back and chest acne as well. Our derm told us that Accutane works from the top down. And indeed his face cleared up before his back. ... (5 replies)

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